Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves Test Shoot Out

The chill is coming and with that comes outer wear of all kinds. For touch screen fanatics who like to play out in the cold, that means making a choice about whether or not to have your gloves on have your hands cold. Or not. Earlier Thomasin and I shot a quick GBM Shortcut checking out AGloves, a pair of gloves meant to use on capacitive screens.

Our friends over on have done us several times better and put together a shoot out of sorts featuring a variety of gloves built for capacitive touch screen users. They look at a variety of alternatives including the FreeHands Power Stretch 5, Echo Boiled Wool Touch, FreeHands Soft Shell, ThumbDogs, and the aforementioned AGloves.

Intriguingly today I received Glove Tips which is a different approach. With Glove Tips you install tips that contain a capacitive surface onto your gloves. I’ll be trying those out and reporting this weekend.