Cards iPhone App Lets You Send Christmas Cards From iPhone

Apple announced a new app today for the iPhone and iPad. Cards is an Apple made app that will allow you to create a real card that is mailed to your friends and family right from your phone.

Cards will be available on October 12th, which is likely the iOS 5 Release date.

The Cards app uses the photos on your iPhone to jump off your screen, through the mail and onto the fridge of your friends and family.

This isn’t a joke app, and Apple has not received money from the USPS system to roll this out, but we’re sure that the USPS appreciates this.

Cards iOS 5 app

Cards app comes to iOS 5

You can use the Cards App on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and access the items from your iPhoto library. You choose the photo you want and a layout that works for you, and then you can send them directly to the recipient without finding a stamp or printing.

Apple will print the card on 100% cotton paper and allow you to pick from 21 designs.

After you settle on the look, Apple will print the card, address it and send it to yoru recipient for $2.99 in the U.S. You can send cards international for $5.99.

This price seems high, but it is actually cheaper than buying most cards at Hallmark. No word on whether you can include iTunes credit with the card.

Cards app

Cards lets you look personalized with a tap.

Stay tuned for more news from the Apple iPhone Event.

Images via Verge