CES 2009 Is a Wrap – Whew…

Every year I attend CES, I get more and more exhausted. Our entire team works like crazy to bring our own special coverage of CES, and I have to tell you – I’m very proud of them all. A huge thanks to Warner, Truc, and Sierra for tirelessly working behind the scenes to uncover every little nugget we could find. We’ll still be bringing you other videos and news stories that we have yet to post up ( like this cool Netbook company called Athena), so be sure to stayed tuned for more. In addition, checkout our Flickr stream for all the photos we took that didn’t make it to the front page. We’ll also be bringing you our own individual thoughts on CES, who we thought won / lost, and other things on our mind.

We could not have covered CES like we did were it not for the support of our sponsor, Lenovo. In fact, were it not for Lenovo’s support, I don’t think GBM would have been there….Not only did they support us financially, they also provided some awesome machines that we used the heck out of. You know all those videos we posted? We crunched most of them using Lenovo ThinkPads. You know all those posts we put up? They were created on the floor from CES, from CntrStg, at 2:15 in the morning, etc using Lenovo products. If I heard it one time from Truc, I heard it a thousand times “Man, this X200 flies!!!” You can thank us for covering CES the way we did by visiting Lenovo and considering them for your next mobile pc purchase.

Also, I need to thank the folks at CntrStg and their sponsors – they made our job easier by providing a place to work, uploading gigs of video, and providing us with food and drink, as well as personal meetings with companies like HP, TabletKiosk, Eye-Fi, American Airlines, AMD, and more. It goes without saying that were it not for CntrStg, we would have gotten a lot less sleep and life would have been much more difficult.