CES 2009: The HP tx2 and the Pogo Stylus

pogostylus While checking out things at The Digital Experience tonight Rob got a bright idea. He’s evaluating a Pogo Stylus which is aimed at us for the iPhone or iPod Touch. While looking at HP’s Tx2 capacitive touch device, Rob thought he’d give the Pogo a try on the screen. To his amazement (and also to the amazement of the HP reps in attendance) the stylus did the trick as you’ll see in the video. Obviously you won’t get multi-touch with the Pogo Stylus as it is a single point touch device.

Also of note, when we queried the HP reps as to why they chose to go with an N-Trig capacitive touch digitizer instead of a Wacom digitizer, the answer was a simple but telling one. They wanted to go to market and N-Trig had the goods at the moment. Timing is everything. 

Check out the video after the jump.