Chris Pratley with a OneNote 2007 info update

Chris Pratley is blogging more good info on the upcoming OneNote 2007 release. In this post on his blog:

  • Info on the new “Ultimate” Office SKU, which will include OneNote
  • An update on the latest beta release issues, including activation woes
  • There is new blogger on the OneNote team, Dan Escapa.

I also picked this bio information up from his blog:

“About Chris Pratley:
I am the Group Program Manager for Office “Authoring Services”. That means I manage the teams that design Word, Publisher, and OneNote (the “authoring” applications). I co-founded the OneNote team back in early 2001 and have been part of it ever since. At the same time I have been part of the Word team since 1995, starting on Japanese Word95 and growing to be the manager for the whole Word program management team. Before I joined Microsoft in 1994 I lived in Japan for several years working for Seiko-Epson Corp on color inkjet printers and had a great time learning Japanese language and culture. I met Seiko (my wife to be) there as well, and we have a son Ciarán who is two years old. I am originally from Montréal, Canada and I have a Systems Design Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo. “

And finally, stay tuned to for the next few days, and “hear” more about Chris Pratley and his efforts at Microsoft. Rob is working with Chris on an audio interview!