Chrome’s Crash Happy Attitude is Getting Old

Google’s Chrome browser has been the first thing I install on new computers, but the recent crashing, buggy behavior and juvenile ‘Aw, Snap’ error messages are pushing me towards Safari or FireFox.

The last straw came this week when tab after tab in Chrome crashed throwing the , “Aw, Snap” error message that was funny when I only saw it once every three months.

Don’t get me wrong, humor is great. If I’m surfing BoingBoing and Chrome crashes with an “Aw, Snap” error I can chuckle.

Chrome Aw SnapBut, when I use Chrome for business — to write in a content editor, in Google Docs or to compose a long email and the browser crashes with nothing more than a stoner’s reply to a good burn, that’s enough to make me snap.

I put up with crashes, Flash issues and strange behavior in Chrome because I’m a heavy Google user that loves bookmark syncing, the available extensions and Android integration.

These features can only take me so far when I start to lose work and productivity.

After 4 “Aw, Snap” Chrome crashes last night in a 15 minute period I gave up and switched to Safari, tweeting my displeasure.

Once Safari has the single bar for search and URLs, it could be a good solution, but until then the best choice is FireFox, a browser that Google heavily supports.

Is the latest version of Chrome incredibly buggy for you? Have you considered switching?