Clash of Clans 2016 Update: 7 Things to Expect

Back in December a huge Clash of Clans update arrived that was rather game-changing, things that are both good and bad. In fact, it’s caused a lot of issues, and another quick January 2016 Clash of Clans update is coming soon to fix it. Here, we’ll go over what’s coming and what players should expect.

The update in December added a lot of good content, but changed the majority of the game for most, not to mention added a lot of bugs to a relatively bug-free game. A few updates have fixed some of them, but many problems are still present. Recent updates extended the timer, changed boosts, and other things, but it wasn’t enough. We know a 2016 update is coming, but the question is when.

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Some users have been extremely frustrated since the update, while others have been enjoying the game just as always. It’s a mixed bag due to progression and the level or style of each player, but either way changes are coming. The biggest complaint aside from actual bugs or glitches is the the lack of money, or loot in the economy. That and more will be addressed in an upcoming update we’ll detail below.

Last week Supercell, the developers behind the world-wide hit Clash of Clans announced a big bug-fixing and economy fixing update is coming. They said “as soon as possible” but have yet to give users an actual release date. With that in mind, we’re going to go over all of the changes, a few others that could accompany the update, and when it should arrive based on previous updates we’ve seen from Clash.

The biggest problem around Clash of Clans right now is the lack of money. Users are grinding hard to earn enough for upgrades, getting attacked more because they don’t have a shield now that Town Hall sniping was removed, so saving money is near impossible. The update aims to give us money back, inject more into the economy as a whole, and a bunch of other things.

While there are a few tricks to minimize how the update has changed the game, users are still anxious for the new 2016 Clash of Clans update. It will benefit everyone, although the more they add the more complex a once very simple and easy to play game gets. Here’s what’s coming, and what to expect.

2016 Update Release Date

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2016 Update Release Date

The thing everyone wants to know is when the 2016 Clash of Clans update is coming. We mention January in the title, but the sad reality is we don't have an actual release date to look forward to or pencil on the calendar. That said, almost every update has arrived within 2 weeks of the "sneak peeks" the developers do to show off the changes.

A moderator and Supercell staff member posted back on January 12th, a week ago, teasing the changes. Mentioning most of the changes in a mini sneak peek, but it didn't have actual images or details like usual.

The post specifically mentions the update "will rollout as soon as possible". And that's it. So we're left in the dark. It has been more than a week, so expect a confirmation on the release date or more details within the next 2-3 days.

In my opinion, the update will be released either this weekend, or Sunday night at 9PM PT or Midnight Eastern. This is usually when they push out updates, following a short maintenance break. It could be later in the month, but given the frustration by the community, this is a top priority for developers.

Once the maintenance break starts you'll know the update is coming, and you'll want to be excited for all of the changes. So what's coming, read on for more details.

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