Clash of Clans Update Problems Frustrate Gamers

In late March a huge Clash of Clans update arrived with loads of changes, new troops and additional features, but it’s also causing lots of problems for gamers and Clans. It’s one of the bigger updates we’ve seen in a while, and below is a detailed list of problems users could be facing, and some potential fixes while Supercell works on a bug-fixing update.

For starters, the game is being played by millions and millions of players on both Android and iOS who are excited about level 4 Inferno Towers or the new Bowler troop. The update also made significant changes to Clan War matchmaking, so thousands of Clans are firing up matchmaking to try and get a fresh new and fair fight, but that isn’t what’s happening.

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Since the update arrived earlier this week users have been blasting the official Supercell Clash of Clans forums with an array of problems. There’s still the dreaded “Device not compatible” for the update on Google Play, account switching is broken, the base layout editor is crashing games and more. Read on for everything we know as of right now, and what to expect moving forward.


While this latest Clash of Clans update added a lot of good things, it’s also having a negative effect on lots of players, those who boost, and Clans in particular. The update added higher Inferno Towers, Mortars, and upgrades to the Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Goblins, as well as a new Dark Troop called the Bowler. We also have shorter spell brewing times, shorter Dark Elixir spell cook times, a revamp of the matchmaking system, and TH10/TH11 players are now less likely to find and have to fight each-other in single player attacks.

Update: Late last night, March 24th, Supercell confirmed an optional update is available which will fix many of the problems below. It’s now available for Apple and on the Google Play Store. Give it a try right now to fix some of the below mentioned problems. Here’s the small changelog.

Soon you’ll find an optional update available in the AppStore and GooglePlay which contains the following changes/fixes:

  • War base edit mode crash when pressing “cancel” is now fixed;
  • Air Defense graphics have been tweaked: they’re easier to spot now and to identify each level;
  • War Events screen: old and new Stars are now more clear and easy to read.

It’s a small update, and we’re hearing the lowered how strong the Valkryie troop is. At the end of the day though, there are still loads of problems that need to be addressed we’ll mention below. Expect another update in the coming days or weeks.

We’re also seeing a slew of problems and complaints after the update. So many in fact, Supercell started an official Bowler Update Bugs or Problems Thread. The Device is not compatible for the update on the Play Store has returned after being fixed in February, so hit the link below for some potential fixes for that issue.

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We’re seeing complaints about Clans searching for a War before the update hit that received some odd and very unbalanced matches. Worse than ever before. The flood of Clans searching for new and improved Wars crashed the server too, and wait times are reaching over 13 hours to find a Clan to matchup for a War. But that’s just the small problems, as much bigger issues are being found. Here’s the latest information.

  • Boost timers did not pause during the maintenance
  • Some players are unable to switch accounts (fixed in most cases now)
  • Layout Editor: if you try to edit your War Base but cancel it instead, the game will crash;
  • Clans with only War victories: War Win streak is zeroed
  • Incorrect Hogs and Valkyries’ upgrading times: we took down upgrade times for several earlier levels of Valkyrie and Hog rider. All old Valkyrie levels where reduced by 2 days upgrade time, but if players started the upgrade before the maintenance, it will be clamped to the new maximum, meaning that it is actually longer than what the timer shows. The timer will start going down again once the remaining duration becomes small enough to fit under the new time limit
  • Heroes are not triggering traps
  • Healers heal rate on Heroes is higher than normal, we’ll be reverting it to the original value

As you can see the big problems are those who spent real money on Gems to boost buildings before the update and server maintenance down-time didn’t get their time back, which is real money out of their pocket. It’s supposed to pause, but didn’t. Clan Wars didn’t pause, and thousands of clans lost a war because of it.

Update times for the Hog Rider and Valkyrie were also reduced, but if you started upgrades before the update, your stuck waiting longer than people who are doing upgrades now, and the 7-10 day timer is wrong. There’s also a new “Win Streak” for Clan Wars, but most are showing zero even for Clans who’ve won 5-10 in a row.


Perhaps an even bigger problem is the Heros (King and Queen) are not triggering traps or bombs during gameplay, which is a major issue that can ruin an entire attack. And players aren’t able to switch between accounts and different villages. Many Clashers have more than one base, and switch them in Google Play Games or Game Center, but that isn’t working either. Healers are also healing way too fast, and a quick update will likely be coming soon to even her out, and fix some of these other issues.

Between users losing money from the break, clans losing wars, upgrades taking too long, game crashes while trying to redesign a base and more, there is a lot of frustration. So much that in just one day there’s nearly 40 pages of complaints.

Clash of Clans Update Bug Fixes

Supercell has confirmed that many of the easy fixes near the bottom of the list detailed above will quickly be solved and patched in another update, one which will likely arrive in the next day or two. However, those bigger problems are still being investigated.

It looks like the War search times have increased as not all players in Clans have accepted the update on Google Play or the Apple App Store, which is also causing a few problems. At the end of the day though, people just want to play the game, and get back any money that was lost from boosts.


Users can contact Supercell here, and complain about lost gems from the update not pausing correctly during maintenance, and you may receive some gems back, but we can’t be certain. Those experiencing any other problems should wait for an update, or hit the link above and report the problem or bug to Supercell for further investigation.

For now it’s just a waiting game. In the coming days the Clan War searches will start to shrink to normal times, and find even Wars. The bugs will be addressed in updates, and everything should go back to normal. We’ll keep an eye out for new information, and report back once we know more. Are you facing Clash of Clans problems or bugs after the update? Let us know in the comments below.