Coach’s Eye for iPhone: Video Analysis App for Any Athlete

A new app aims to improve performance by allowing coaches to annotate videos of athletes on their iPhones, much the same way football commentators do every Sunday.

Coach’s Eye shoots video of an athlete’s swing, throw, kick or other motion, then allows the instructor to add voice notes and to illustrate the video to call attention to specific movements. Coaches and  athletes can then view the video in slow motion and precisely fast forward and rewind with an on-screen flywheel.

The annotated videos can be uploaded to YouTube, emailed or sent via MMS from within the app.

While this app is being marketed towards athletes and coaches, it can clearly benefit just about anyone that’s taking up a new physical activity or looking to improve performance. For example, personal trainers could use this app to improve their students’ stretching and exercise techniques.

We haven’t had a chance to try this app out yet, but it looks very promising.

Coach’s Eye is published by TechSmith, the company behind Camtasia, a robust screen capture and editing software suite for Mac and PC.

Coach’s Eye is available for just $.99 in the Apple App Store. It is built for the iPhone and iPod Touch.