Comcast To Bring In Home Streaming via Xfinity To Tablets

According to the Comcast blog, the big cable cabal is getting ready to bring in home streaming to Tablets if you’re a part of the Xfinity clan. Comcast is also getting ready to roll out over 3000 hours of On Demand video that can be watched anywhere and anytime as well.

Of course you’ve got to be a Comcast customer and of course you need to be one in an area that Comcast offers the service to take advantage of this. I love parts of the description Comcast offers up with this:

This means customers with tablets and a wireless router can watch and enjoy live TV anywhere in the house. For example, you could watch the news to get weather and traffic updates in any room while you’re getting ready for work. You could watch a program on the porch or in some quiet corner in your home. Or you could watch a cooking show in the kitchen with your pots and pans and spices handy. In other words, your tablet can be magically transformed into a personal TV set you can carry all around your home.

On the one hand it signals that Comcast understands where this is all going. On the other hand I think the accounting department is going to get a little nervous when all the fees from those extra hookups in houses start getting canceled.