Comcast Woes…I’m Really Sick of Not Being Able to Get Online, Watch TV

For the past six years Comcast has been my internet and cable provider. Things got off to a rocky start, with my web access going down several times per month. I ran into TV signal quality issues right away and service technicians had to come visit several times to sort things out.

Things were never 100% and I logged several hours on the phone with Comcast. Technicians kept coming out and the problems were usually solved temporarily.

About two years, I bought my first HDTV and upgraded my Comcast subscription to include several premium HDTV channels and an HD DVR.

Ever since I’ve upgraded to HD cable, I haven’t been able to reliably watch high definition channels. The picture and sound often stutter. Here’s an example of what HDTV looks like at my house a lot of the time.

Despite technicians installing new equipment, including an amplifier, the stuttering continues. on the bright side, my Internet connection has been relatively reliable with just the occasional outage. Not be able to connect to the Internet, or being able to watch CNN kind of defeats the purpose of paying more than $125 per month to Comcast.

My brother recently had a very poor customer experience with Comcast, including long hold times. before calling the 800 number, I mentioned my problems on Twitter. A Comcast rep replied almost immediately and has been looking into my connection issues over the past day. We have been in sending messages to each other on Twitter over the past couple of days and it’s been a much better experience than calling Comcast and talking to different people every time. She even scheduled a service appointment for tomorrow at 2 PM. She requested that a manager come out to solve my problems once and for all.

Hopefully, they can set things straight. If not I’m going to have to look for alternatives.