Comedy Central and MTV Headed to Time Warner Cable Live TV Apps

The Time Warner Cable app for iPad streams live TV to the iPad, iPhone and Android devices anywhere on your home network, and it’s about the get better thanks to the inclusion of Viacom channels.

The Time Warner Cable app launched with Viacom channels like Comedy Central and MTV, but legal problems soon prevented subscribers from watching the Daily Show on the iPad through the TWC TV app.

Thanks to an agreement between Time Warner and Viacom, the channels are on the way back to the app. Subscribers can’t start watching the Daily Show just yet, but expect an update to bring the channels back in a few weeks.

The TWC TV app is available for the iPad and iPhone as well as many Android devices. The app was recently updated to work with the Galaxy Nexus.

The TWC TV app only works at home, but that’s not too shabby since it is a free service to any Time Warner customer with a standard cable or higher package. The apps also support DVR scheduling and the ability to change channels on DVRs and cable boxes.

Watch the Time Warner Cable TV app in action in the video below.

Time Warner posted the following update to the Untangled Blog,

Viacom and Time Warner Cable have agreed to resolve their pending litigations. All of Viacom’s programming will now be available to Time Warner Cable subscribers for in-home viewing via internet protocol-enabled devices such as iPads and Time Warner Cable will continue to carry Viacom’s Country Music Television (CMT) programming. In reaching the settlement agreement, Time Warner Cable and Viacom were also able to resolve other unrelated business matters to their mutual satisfaction. Neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment.

Now that Time Warner and Viacom have stopped fighting, consumers can enjoy the streaming TV service on a multitude of devices.

Unfortunately, the app will not work on jailbroken iPhones and rooted Android devices because Time Warner or TV networks have the delusional idea that someone is using a smartphone and an iPad to pirate HDTV. There are workarounds to these blocks, but updates to the apps may break them again.

Download the TWC TV App from iTunes, Google Play or watch at on Mac and PC.