Commodore 64 Emulator for iPhone Pulled After Hack Revealed

photo-266x400On again, off again. The short and chaotic history of Apple’s App Store has certainly had its share of on and offs. The latest has to deal with the Commodore 64 emulator. This was first rejected by Apple awhile ago, then surprisingly reinstated just last week. The app let you play a few games, and promised more to come. Clever and fun for C64 nostalgia buffs.

Apple let this app back into the store supposedly because the Basic Interpreter was taken out of the app. But apparently that wasn’t the case. The developers left it in, but it was hidden. Until a hacker discovered an Easter Egg that made Basic come to life in all its glory. Whamo. Rejection. App pulled.

This is starting to get comical.

via 9to5Mac