12 Common Xbox One Problems and Fixes

This guide walks through common Xbox One problems and includes the fixes so you can get back to playing your favorite games, watching TV or using one of the many Xbox One apps.

After two years, multiple updates many of the initial Xbox One problems, complaints and issues are fixed, but there are new problems that users need to deal with.

We continue to see a number of Xbox Live problems 2016, including problems signing in and accessing content.

We’ll show you how to fix common Xbox One problems on your own, without calling Microsoft, returning it or paying someone to fix an issue. With this guide you can get back to gaming faster.

How to Fix Xbox One Update Problems

If you have problems installing the Xbox One update or right after installing the Xbox One update you are not alone. Common issues with the update include;

  • Your Xbox is Almost Full
  • There Was a Problem with the Update
  • Error codes
  • Getting stuck at the green startup animation
  • Staring at a black screen

Depending on the specific problem you may need to take a variety of actions. Here are some steps to try first.

If you see a message that you are out of space, go to My Games & Apps, find a game you don’t play anymore or a beta that is done, highlight it then press menu on the Xbox One controller and Uninstall. Now try to install the update.

How to fix common Xbox One problems.

How to fix common Xbox One problems.

When you see a message that there was a problem with the update, you may need to check your Internet connection. Go to Settings, Network and then Test Network Connection. This will find any issues and walk you through potential fixes.

In some cases you will need to find the Xbox One error code. Hold all the triggers and bumpers on your controller to see a specific error code.

Some error codes are related to issues you can fix, while others like the Xbox One Error Code E100 signal a hardware problem that means you will need a repair or replacement from Microsoft.

If you see Error Code E101, E203, E305, 800701e7  you will need to download and run the Offline System Update Diagnostic tool.

Error Code E200 or E204 you need to perform a full restart of the console, to get past it.

Error Code 8007019x, 8019019x, 87ddxx or 80072xxx means you need to check your network settings.

If you are stuck on the Xbox One Green Animation after installing an update hold the front button on the console for 10 seconds. Once it is off, unplug and wait 30 seconds then plug it back in and try the update again. If this fails and you are stuck on the green screen for 10 minutes or longer you need to use the Offline System Update Diagnostic tool. Users who see a black screen that lasts for 10 minutes should also run this tool.

How to Fix Xbox One Disc Problems

Gamers who buy Xbox One games on disc often run into Xbox One disc problems. Thankfully you can fix many of these issue on your own without exchanging a disc or spending time with complicated steps.

The first thing to try is wiping the disc with a clean damp cloth. If possible, try the disc at a friend’s house to find out if the problem is with your console or the disc itself.

If you are trying to watch a movie on a Blu-Ray, you will need to install the Blu-Ray app, which is free, to play the movie on your Xbox One.

If no discs will play at all, you should try turning off the Instant On mode. Go to Settings -> All Settings -> Power -> Power Mode -> Energy saving. Hold down the button on the front of the console for 10 seconds to shut it down. When this is complete, turn it back on and see if a disc will start. If it now works you can turn Instant On back on and the problem shouldn’t be an issue. If this does not fix the problem you will need to get the console repaired or replaced. Gamers who hear a grinding noise need to contact Microsoft for repair.

How to Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

If the Xbox One will not turn on you will need to try a few different steps to fix this. In most cases you will not need to get a replacement for the Xbox One or the power supply, but that is a possibility.

The first thing to do is unplug all cables from the console and the wall, including the power supply. Wait 10 seconds. Do not skip this step. After waiting, plug the console back in and connect the power directly to the wall. You should now see a white or orange LED on the power supply.

Reboot the Xbox One.

Reboot the Xbox One.

Before going further, push the power button on the Xbox One and see if the light turns on. If it does, your Xbox One is getting power, but the screen may be blank.

Users who see a flashing orange LED or no LED at all will need to replace the power supply. Similar to the disc problems above, you may need to turn off Instant On Power Mode.

Make sure your Xbox One is on a flat surface and that you don’t block the fans built in. You should also try to plug the cord directly into the wall and to try another outlet.

How to Fix Xbox One TV Screen is Blank

When you try to play the Xbox One and the TV screen is blank you should try restarting the console. If that also fails you should check all your connections and try unplugging the console completely for 10 seconds.

Gamers who connect through a receiver of some kind should try connecting without it once. If that fixes it, try turning on your TV and waiting until the screen shows a picture, then the receiver and then the Xbox One. Make sure the TV is set to the right HDMI connection.

How to Fix Xbox One Xbox Live Problems

The first thing to do if you cannot connect to Xbox Live is to check the status of the service online. When problems are with a specific game, look for the status of those servers.

If Xbox Live is online, but you are having problems, you should turn your router off and then back on. That can solve many problems.

You should use the built-in Xbox Detailed Network Statistics tool in settings to check how fast your internet connection is. If you don’t have a connection that delivers 3Mb/s down and 0.5Mb/s up reliably you may not be able to play games.

If you have Xbox Live problems on your Xbox One, you can wait for more information from Xbox Support and check the Xbox Live status page for more details. You may need to restart your Xbox One after the service is restored to gain full access.

Xbox Live Core Services are down which includes the following issues along with other service problems;

  • Creating new accounts on Xbox Live, managing those accounts, or recovering an account on a different device
  • Browsing the Xbox Video Store and the Xbox Music Store
  • Buying downloadable items
  • Downloading items that you have already purchased
  • Paying for downloadable items with stored currency, adding additional stored currency, or viewing your balance

If you are able to sign in, you may be able to play online in some games alone, but may experience issues if you join a party.

You can sign up to get notified when the Xbox Live is back up with a text message when you sign into your Xbox Live account and enter a U.S. phone number.

Gamers who have voice chat problems or issues joining games should check the fix below.

How to Fix Xbox One Voice Chat Problems

Fix Xbox One NAT problems.

Fix Xbox One NAT problems.

Other Xbox Live problems include the inability to hear people in a party. This can happen when someone is on a strict NAT or moderate NAT. Ideally you want to be on an Open NAT so that the Xbox has great communication to the Internet and can enable voice chat and playing games online reliably.

This will take some time and you will need access to your router and to your console to check and change settings. Use this guide from Microsoft to get started troubleshooting your Xbox One NAT problems.

Another potential solution is to put your Xbox One in the DMZ of your router or enable Quality of Service to prioritize the Xbox One and Xbox Live. Google your router and Xbox One settings to find specific help.

How to Fix Xbox One Does Not Recognize External Hard Drive

If you’ve added storage to your Xbox One with a hard drive so that you can install more games there are some times where it will not show up.

When this happens, power the console off. Unplug the hard drive from the USB port and then plug it back in and turn the Xbox One back on.

This should solve most problems with external hard drives.

How to Fix Xbox One Game Install Problems

Sometimes you cannot install a Xbox One game. This can leave the game at 0% for a long time. This often happens when the system cannot download an update for the game. You may need to set the console to offline mode, cancel the download, eject the game and then power cycle it. Follow the steps in this guide to fix Xbox One game installation problems.

How to Fix Xbox One Game Freezes

Fix a frozen Xbox One game.

Fix a frozen Xbox One game.

We often run into an issue where the Xbox One game freezes or crashes. If this happens you can normally fix it in less than a minute.

Press the home button on your controller to go to the home screen. With the game highlighted press the menu button and close the game. Then you should try starting the game.

If this does not fix the problems, restart the console completely by holing the power button on the Xbox One for 10 seconds.

Xbox One Kinect Problems

The Xbox One Kinect 2 sensor is included with the system so owners can control the Xbox One with voice and gestures. This new sensor is more accurate than the Kinect sold with the Xbox 360, but it is not perfect.


A common Xbox One problem is a Kinect sensor that doesn’t work right.

Users who run into issues with the Kinect should run the setup process again. Users should also make sure the Kinect is firmly plugged in to the Xbox One. It may be a good idea to disconnect and reconnect the Kinect.

The next step is to set up the Kinect for the current room. This is important if you have change the placement of the Kinect or moved the Xbox to another room. This process checks the camera and tunes the Kinect audio for the room. After performing these steps we experienced fewer Kinect errors.

Set up the Kinect to fix this common Xbox One problem.

Set up the Kinect to fix this common Xbox One problem.

Go to Settings -> Kinect -> I moved my Kinect or I’m having trouble with Kinect.

This will walk users through a setup to calibrate the device. If there are still problems users can reset the Xbox One by turning the console off for 2 minutes, unplugging all cables and then connecting everything again.

If all else fails you may need to talk to Microsoft to get a replacement Kinect.

Xbox Turning Off

Some users report that the Xbox One is turning off randomly, preventing them from playing games. This is not as common, but arguably a bigger Xbox One problem than Kinect issues. When this happens the Xbox One may turn off and not immediately allow users to turn it back on.

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

A common Xbox One problem is the console turning off.

If this happens often, it may be overheating. Make sure it is on a stable surface that is flat and not on carpet or some other fabric.

Xbox One Sound Problems

Another common Xbox One problem revolves around the sound coming out of the Xbox One. Some users report that audio is very quiet, audio is missing or audio only coming out of one speaker. The Xbox One uses an HDMI cable and an optical audio cable to send sound to a HDTV or home theater, and this is the first place to look if you experience this Xbox One problem.

Check the Display and Sound settings to fix this Xbox One problem.

Check the Display and Sound settings to fix this Xbox One problem. Image via Xbox Support.

If possible switch to a new HDMI cable or optical cable to rule out a damaged cable. Most HDMI and optical cables are resilient, but it is possible to damage one. If this is the first time you are setting up an Xbox One with these cables, double-check your connections on the Xbox and the TV.

If this does not fix the solution trying resetting the Xbox One by unplugging everything after letting it sit for 2 minutes. Another possible fix is to check out the Xbox One Settings for sounds to see if things are configured correctly.

These solutions should fix the most common Xbox One problems, but if there are still issues that prevent users from playing Microsoft is the next step. Users can use the contact option on Xbox to talk with a support professional.

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