Cradlepoint Routers Now Support Novatel MiFi

Today Cradlepoint’s announcing that a firware update will make its wireless routers’ compatible with Novatel’s MiFi cards. I use a MiFi 2200 that I bought from Sprint and have been very pleased with it so far, but Cradlepoint’s routers are much more robust that the MiFi.

““Customers can increase the range of their Wi‐Fi signal, connect up to 64 Wi‐Fi devices, and add features like automatic failover and unlimited LAN connections by tethering the MiFi to a CradlePoint router,”
said Jack Alton, VP Sales North America for CradlePoint. ““It really is a terrific option for users that need more range and speed than the MiFi can manage, like when you need to cover an entire home or office with a Wi‐Fi signal.”

I use my MiFi to work remotely on my PCs, upload photos with my Eye-Fi card and to get online with my iPhone since 3G is prety much MIA in my neighborhood. Since I got the MiFi card, my Cradlepoint router’s pretty much sat in the closet.

Cradlepoint isn’t trying to suggest that anyone carry around both a MiFi and a Cradlepoint router, but to instead use the Cradlepoint/MiFi combo when at home or in the office as a backup solution. This reminds me of one of my good friends who uses a USB modem with his Cradlepoint router at home instead of signing up for Cable or DSL.