Creatures of Habit

Things change so fast in mobile technology these days that forming new habits seems to be something that is almost impossible to do. Just as you get used to doing something one way, another way comes along, and you shift what you are doing accordingly. Most times that leads to doing things a better or more efficient way, sometimes it just makes a chore more fun. Well, almost.

Last week, I made what on the surface is a simple change in how I access GMail, and it is driving me nuts. I’ve got several email accounts that I regularly check, and for the longest time in my email life I checked them all through Microsoft Outlook. Over time that changed as I begin forwarding everything to Gmail, and eventually Outlook became one of those apps that I just never opened, preferring to open Gmail through the web, and increasingly on my phone or iPad. The shortcut for Gmail used to reside as a bookmark that I would access by the BookMarks drop down menu. Each time I would do that I’d have that little niggling feeling that I should move this to a BookMarks bar or a shortcut on the desktop or some place more efficient, but I never did.

Last week, I gave in and  I made the change, moved the shortcut to the BookMarks bar, that got synced across all of the browsers I use via Xmarks and I thought all was right with the world. Wrong.

Since making the simple move, I have yet to break the habit of going to the BookMarks menu, regardless of browser choice, looking for Gmail. Essentially, until I can forcefully break this habit, I’ve now added an extra step, or backstep, to opening Gmail. It’s driving me nuts. Maybe you’re not as much a creature of habit as I am, but let me tell you this is driving me nuts. I increasingly find the same thing happens if I move an App icon on my iPhone or desktop. I guess I’m just habitually trapped by my habits.