CrunchPad On Video, Your Thoughts?

For those wanting to see more action on the CrunchPad, check out this previously private video. Looks minimalistic in user interaction and very good use of gestures.

Here’s the question: what is Arrington doing here that companies like Motion Computing, TabletKiosk, Fujitsu, Microsoft, etc have not been doing since 2001? Is it the instant boot and browser OS that’s the differentiator? Is it the design that is getting people all excited? Will you want one? Arrington hasn’t said anything about cost, but we know he’s shooting for under $500. If the screen is flush with the bezel, then he has to be using a capacitive touch digitizer, and that has to be driving up the cost. He also hasn’t mentioned anything about pen support, which I doubt will be there. The CrunchPad coupled with a MiFi has a lot of possibilities. Thoughts?