Customer Gets $5,000 Bill for Subsidized Netbook By Exceeding 5GB Cap

gotcha-jpeg-image-590x417-pixels-1Ouch. Speaking of subsides on Netbooks, a customer got socked with a $5,077 bill for using her newly acquired AT&T subsidized Netbook. She’s filing suit against AT&T and Radio Shack.

She purchased her subsidized Netbook from Radio Shack for $99 and signed the two-year agreement for the data plan at $60 per month, but keep in mind that many of these data plans have caps, and this one at a 5GB cap. Yep, that’s 5GB.   She’s claiming the advertising was misleading in her suit which she hopes to to turn into a class action.

You can read more about it at Ars Technica, but in the meantime, make sure you check out the fine print when you’re looking at signing those contracts for data services, and make sure you find a way to monitor your usage.