Daya Baran Writes the Most Hysterical Fiction About Tablet PCs I’ve Ever Read

787_business_office_image_of_a_man_holding_stone_tabletsTrust me when I say I’ve seen some pretty hysterical, some blatantly stupid, some ill-informed, some comically insane, and some just plain silly things written about Tablet PCs over the years. As the great rush to the mythical Apple Tablet unveiling continues, we’re seeing doses of all of that now, but this kind of thing dates way back to the early days of Tablet. Don’t you remember the one about Aaron telling Moses that those 10 commandment things will never work because the Tablets were too heavy? “Think mobile, Moses“, he said, “we’re wandering in the wilderness here.”

Well, Daya Baran, who is the President of something called WebGuild,  thinks that “Lenovo’s new hybrid Ideapad is will succeed where Microsoft failed, where Google will fail (chrome and netbook crap) and where Apple might succeed.”

Now admittedly, he’s on to something about the hybrid concept. But then he goes on to say this in his post.

With the IdeaPad going to meetings is easy – just take your screen with you to the conference room. It is easier for the corporate IT department to support one device instead of two different devices. This is where Microsoft failed, because they wanted to sell businesses the tablet as an additional device to the laptop so that they could hit them with software licensing for Windows twice. Oh, if you need to use Word on your tablet you need another license for that. So that is four licenses in total.

OK, done laughing now. I’m  not. I’m guessing the WebGuild is a comedy site. I’m not trying to be mean here, but c’mon folks. There’s this thing called the Internet and you can do a little research. That’s usually done on this thing called Google.

He does post a decent video that shows of the IdeaPad though.