Dell Adamo XPS Concept is Incredibly Thin

Dell showed me the Dell Adamo XPS design concept last week and I was blown away by how thin it is. I wasn’t allowed to take pics or video of it, but Dell posted the first public image of the device today on a teaser web page.

At first glance I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at. It looked like the lid of a 13″ MacBook, but a keyboard flipped down and the display flipped up.   Lo and behold there was a functioning notebook in the tiny package.

The notebook measures just 9.99mm at its thickest point. The iPhone 3GS is about 25% thicker than this 13″ notebook.

Screen shot 2009-09-09 at 11.09.09 AM

I doubt Dell will release the Adamo XPS at an affordable price anytime soon, but this concept points to what’s possible and what we’re likely to see in the future. I wrote a little more about the Adamo XPS over at today.

This ultra-ultra-ultra-thin design will have its challenges. What do you think about such a thin notebook? Is a notebook that has the dimensions of a weekly magazine too thin and fragile for you?