Dell Gives the Inspiron Mini 12 the Heave Ho

netbookNo real surprise here, but Dell is discontinuing the Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook. As the Netbook craze took over we have seen devices that started out with tiny screens and form factors creep into larger and larger dimensions. But at the same time, Intel, Microsoft, and the OEMs saw profit margins decline. As I said, this isn’t a real surprise as the chaotic Atom market is still pretty chaotic and everybody is trying to find a dividing line that allows them to sell something cheap and also retain the more profitable higher end.

I think they genie has not only left the bottle, but is way, way beyond the reach of those who want to put it back.

For those looking for larger screens and form factors, I’m guessing options will be there when Windows 7 rolls out.

Via TechCrunch