Dell Streak literally a day late and dollar short

BGR reminds us that both the BlackBerry Torch and Motorola DROID 2 go on sale today for the price of $199 with two-year contract (counting a $100 debit card rebate on the latter). Exciting day for those devices, but not so much for the Dell Streak going on sale here in the U.S. tomorrow for $299. D’oh!

As Warner mentioned the other day “Timing is Everything” and it takes some really rotten timing to launch the day after these two powerhouses. Forget for a moment that BlackBerry is losing market share to iPhone and Android; it’s still the most popular smartphone (edit: guess not) and a lot of people have been waiting for it to catch up with the web, media and content features of its competitors. Meanwhile, the DROID brand is steamrolling along thanks to heavy, heavy marketing. (I’ve noticed several non-geek DROID users don’t even recognize the Android name, just DROID.)

All else being equal, these are tough acts to follow. Unfortunately, the Streak is following them on rather unequal terms with a higher price tag and an outdated operating system. Sure, the Streak will eventually upgrade to Android 2.2, same as the DROID 2 has right now, but in the meantime, it’s running 1.6. That’s not to say no one will buy a Streak, but these circumstances won’t help its U.S. debut. It almost seems like Dell is pushing it out there just to move the inventory, and intends to make their major Android debut with the Dell Thunder, recently spotted in the wild.