Dell: Windows 7 Latitude XT Drivers Being Posted Today

I just received word from @LionelatDell and @BillatDell that Windows 7 drivers for the Latitude XT are being posted today, this includes functional N-Trig digitizer drivers. Direct link to Windows 7 N-trig drivers: 32 bit:, 64 bit:

As of this writing, they are not there yet. I understand they are working on adding Windows 7 as a drop down menu option for the XT and that is taking some time. They have advised everyone to find them using the BIOS drop down filter for the time being. I’m not seeing them using that filter, either, but will keep checking throughout the day and will test them out tonight.

Others – post back your findings on how these drivers work for your Latitude XT.

UPDATE: The drivers are now available under the BIOS OS filter….but…I’m not sure what kind of testing Dell is doing, because the N-Trig drivers posted are the exact same drivers N-Trig released back in September 2009 – that’s right, the same buggy ones that continue to plague Windows 7 users to this date. What’s up Dell? What did you work on for the past five months? Surely you were not testing the N-Trig drivers. Other Windows 7 compliant drivers are on the site (Mouse, wireless drivers, etc) if you are interested.

Thanks for nothing, Dell.