Destiny Release Date: 11 Things Buyers Need to Know

The Destiny release date is just days away and if you plan to buy the game on release day you’ll want to make sure you are ready by reading 10 things buyers need to know about the Destiny release date.

Many of you already played the Destiny beta and are ready to go further in the game, creating new characters and exploring the large world that Bungie created for Destiny.

The Destiny release date is Tuesday September 9th, the same day Apple announces the iPhone 6 and NHL 15 arrive, so it’s a big day for games and tech.

You certainly don’t need a Destiny pre-order to buy one on release day, but if you do you’ll get some special bonus items and if you want the special editions you may want to pre-order just to be safe. There are already a few Destiny deals that can help you save on your new game purchase, especially if you are upgrading to an Xbox One.

We share important things buyers need to know about the Destiny release date.

We share important things buyers need to know about the Destiny release date.

Read on to learn what you can expect on the Destiny release date, what buyers need to know and what to be on the lookout for since Destiny is a major title that requires a solid connection to the Internet to play. In fact you may even want to upgrade your internet service if you are on the lightest level.

The Destiny release is on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 starting at $59.99. You can buy the game digitally or on disc and there are a variety of Destiny Special editions that push the price up.

Destiny Release Date Expectations

There is no reason to expect a sell out on the Destiny release date, and even if one of your local stores runs low, you can always buy the game digitally. Thanks to the huge number of Destiny pre-orders retailers know what to expect and to have on hand.

If you want to pre-order Destiny you’ll still get access to the Vanguard Armory, which unlocks a variety of weapons upgrades and character upgrades. For gamers who know they want Destiny, this alone is reason to pre-order.

On September 9th you can expect to walk into any store that sells video games and buy Destiny without a long line, as long as you aren’t there at midnight.

Destiny Reviews

There will be no Destiny reviews arriving on the Destiny release date that will offer a good look at the game. Reviewers will not receive the game until September 8th according to Polygon, which means you won’t get any full reviews on day one.

Part of this may be due to the Destiny servers not being online ahead of the release and the multiplayer component, but it is an issue for some gamers.

Destiny Demo Isn’t Coming

There is no Destiny demo to let you experience the game before the release or after the release. We saw a Destiny Alpha and a Destiny Beta that delivered early access to the game.

If you want to play Destiny at this point, you’ll need to buy the game.

Destiny Special Editions

There are three Destiny Special Editions that include added collectibles and features. There is a Digital Guardian Edition, a Limited Edition and the Ghost Edition.

The Destiny release includes multiple special editions.

The Destiny release includes multiple special editions.

You can check out the Destiny Special Edition run down to see what you get with each of them. These are some items that you may have trouble finding on the Destiny release date and in the weeks after.

Destiny Deals Are Here

You can find Destiny deals from $10 in pre-order bonus at Best Buy to a free copy of Destiny for Xbox One buyers.

The best deal is when you buy a new Xbox One and choose a free Xbox One game, which can be Destiny. You can also find a PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle that includes a white PS4 and Destiny for $449, $10 in savings.

Destiny Digital Downloads

You can grab a Destiny Digital Download from Sony or Microsoft to get in on the game without going to a physical store, but keep in mind that you’ll be waiting until 3AM Eastern to play on the Xbox One.

You can buy the digital Destiny release today.

You can buy the digital Destiny release today.

The Xbox One store includes a digital Destiny pre-order and you should be able to pre-load Destiny on the Xbox One for a faster start to your gaming.

We’ve seen a PS4 Destiny pre-order for some time, and you can play it at 12AM Eastern, as well as pre-load it.

Keep in mind you can’t trade in or sell a digital version and there are no cancellations on the PlayStation Store, so don’t pre-order unless you are sure you want it and are on the right system.

Destiny Midnight Release Events

Best Buy and GameStop offer midnight Destiny release events that allow gamers to pay for the game before midnight and pick up their copy as soon as retailers can sell the game.

Here are the Bet Buy Midnight Destiny release details you need to know.

Here are the Bet Buy Midnight Destiny release details you need to know.

GameStop confirmed that it will start processing Destiny pre-orders at 6PM and stay open until 1 AM to sell you Destiny on the release date. You’ll find prizes, free samples of Cracker Jack ‘D by Frito-Lay and other goodies if you hang around for the festivities.

Many Best Buy Stores will offer a midnight Destiny release date event with a free shirt, but not all stores are participating. Check to see if your local Best Buy plans to be open at midnight.

Destiny Companion App

There is a Destiny Companion App that lets you see your Guardian, check stats and interact with other players. This is a must have for keeping your character upgraded and will likely prove handy in organizing the friends you’ll need to play Destiny with.

Download the Destiny App for Android and Destiny Companion for iPhone and iPad.

You’ll Need Friends to Play Destiny

Destiny is a multiplayer game, even for the story mode. You’ll need friends to help you complete raids that put you up against high level bosses. To play you’ll need to go to battle with five other players and you need friends to play, not just random people you connect with.

Also if you don’t complete a raid the progress will reset weekly on Tuesday, so you can’t play part way through and pick back up two weeks later like in some games.

Destiny Looks Better on PS4 & Xbox One

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Destiny looks better on the new consoles, but you’ll want to watch this video to see just how much better it looks. This is one of the reasons you can‘t play Destiny on PS4 with a Destiny PS3 player.

If you are thinking of upgrading to a new console, now is a good time to check out the Destiny deals that come with new consoles.

Potential for Server Issues

Even though Bungie learned a lot from the Destiny Alpha and Destiny Beta there is a chance that you’ll see Destiny release date issues hit as millions of players get online to play a game that requires a constant connection for the right experience.

Hopefully Bungie is prepared, but anytime there is a major game launched with an online component the first several weeks tend to be packed full of issues that need sorted out. Be prepared for some bumps in the road, but hope they are minor.