Destiny Servers Crumble on Destiny Release

The Destiny release date is finally here and with millions of users trying to play the Destiny servers are down for a vocal group of gamers who cannot connect to Destiny servers to play or who are getting booted from the Destiny servers while playing.

Destiny requires a connection to the Destiny servers for users to play because even in single player story modes you are sharing a connected world with other gamers. There is not a lot that you can do in Destiny without an Internet connection and being hooked up to the Destiny servers.

The Destiny Beta helped Bungie determine what they needed for the Destiny release date, and the servers went live a day early so that reviewers could try the game, but now that we are right in the middle of the Destiny release day users are still experiencing Destiny server problems.

Destiny Server problems frustrate on the Destiny release date.

Destiny Server problems frustrate on the Destiny release date. Credit – @RealTempleton

Users that run into the Destiny server problem will know because they will drop from a mission and see an error message saying,

Your Connection to Destiny servers has been lost. Please try again later. There may be a problem with your Internet connection.

For possible solutions , visit and search for error code elk.

For Destiny server problems with the code Elk, you don’t need to go looking for a new Internet connection. Bungie is tracking a general networking error.

If you are trying to play Destiny you may not be able to enjoy the new game as the Destiny servers crumble under the weight of millions of gamers trying to play what is arguably the most anticipated game of 2014.

So far Bungie and Bungie Support Twitter accounts are not addressing the problem, although they shared a now humorous tweet yesterday, inviting users to watch if they can’t play Destiny.

A growing number of gamers on Twitter are talking about the Destiny Servers. Most of the tweets ask, “if the Destiny Servers are down?” While others simply complain about not playing on the Destiny release date due to server problems.

It’s frustrating to see Destiny server problems during the morning, when many people are at school and work. Hopefully Bungie is able to fix the problem during the day so that gamers can play when they get home from a long day.

Server problems are nothing new for gamers. During the GTA Online release gamers could not play the online part of the game for almost a week. On the Madden 15 release date we could not play online games with friends for over an hour of trying.

With Destiny, the problem is more of an issue because the missions are all part of a connected Destiny world. If you are trying to level up your Guardian and play Destiny on your own, you still need a connection to the Destiny servers to make this happen.

Destiny servers can't stand up to the Destiny release day flood of gamers.

Destiny servers can’t stand up to the Destiny release day flood of gamers.

Bungie offers three tips for a better Destiny experience. Make sure you have a good high-speed connection. Use a Network cable instead of WiFi for a more stable connection. And finally make sure you have an Open NAT. You can check out the directions to set up an OPEN NAT on Xbox or a Type 1 NAT on PlayStation so that you are ready to ready to go and there are no issues on your end preventing a connection to the Destiny Servers.