Developer “Better Android” May Be Victim of Mistaken Identity in Knock-Off Crackdown

News of Android injustice burns through the Internet as fast as news of the next iPhone. (Next iPhone? What? Where?) This time, the wronged party is Better Android, a legitimate Android developer that suddenly found their account suspended. Thus, if you bought one of their apps, such as Better Keyboard, and need to re-download it, you’ll find yourself out of luck. The Better Android guys plead ignorance on why they got suspended, but from comments on their announcement, a theory has emerged.

Officially, Better Android has been suspended for violating the developer agreement. They claim to not know why. Clarification from Google is pending. A run-through of their app list on AndroLib reveals no obvious red flags.

Better Keyboard 8

However, their commenters have discovered another developer named “Better Android Apps” whose offerings include apps named “Lowe’s” and “NetFlix”, as well as one called “Android Checkout” to help you check your Google Checkout account (using your Google Checkout credentials, of course). Maybe I’m being paranoid, but this guy sounds pretty shady to me.

This is pure speculation at this time, but I’d be willing to bet that Better Android has gotten caught in a crackdown against Better Android Apps. The two names are easily confused (probably by design of the latter), as various people have proven. Better Android’s blog is called “Better Android Apps”. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were the same developer too.

But again, this is an unconfirmed theory at this time. For all I know, Better Android could have been hiding porn in an icon pack. But seeing as they could be easily confused for this other, apparently unscrupulous developer, I’m inclined to give them and Google the benefit of the doubt.