DIY Projects for techies

Lifehacker has assembled a list of 10 DIY projects to tackle on your day off. Most are tech-related, all are pretty cool.  Likely to be of  particular interest to GBM readers  are a hack to create an all-in-one desktop out of a notebook and monitor, turning an old laptop into a wall-mounted computer, how to properly erase your physical media, a DIY laptop stand, and how to build and hide a network attached drive in an attractive aluminum  IKEA box.

The one that caught my eye, however, is the advice to create your own handwritten font. They point to two paid services that involve printing, writing and scanning. I say “pfft” to that. The best way to create your own handwritten font is with a Tablet PC. Download the Microsoft PowerToy, My Font Tool for Tablet PCs, and scribble away.

Or at least it’s the best way if you’re running Windows XP. As reported in the GBM forum, there’s trouble installing  the old PowerToys  in Vista, and  there’s  a  recent  report of it not working in Windows 7. One would guess the compatibility mode would address this, but the problem appears to be  due to  Power Toys only installing on Windows XP Tablet PC edition. Since the tablet bits are now part of the premium Windows versions, there’s no separate TPC edition for the installation process to recognize. Hopefully the PowerToys will be updated sometime or, in an ideal world,  updated and included  in the Tablet PC bits of Windows 7.