Do Your Gadgets Mess With Your Sleep Pattern?

Today CNN ran an article about how all of our gadgets can interfere with a good night’s rest. The article profiled restless guy that tried turning off all of his gadgets and lights at sundown. It apparently worked and he had a lot more zip in his morning step since he was able to fall asleep a few hours earlier.

Some doctors recommend turning off your TV and electronic devices well before bedtime. I’m probably a poster child for bad sleep¬†hygiene. I often use my iPad, tablet or notebook immediately before going to sleep. A couple of months ago I mounted my TouchSmart all-in-one on the wall next to my bed so we could watch movies before going to sleep. I had to adjust its backup schedule after it woke my wife and I up a few times as my Windows Home Server woke up the machine to back it up at 2am.

How about you? Do you have any gadgets keeping your eyes open longer than you’d like?