Don’t Let Your Pen Run Out of Ink, Michael!

Back in the hay day of Tablet PCs, I had exchanged quite a few emails with Michael Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He was quite taken with the promise and potential productivity benefits of digital ink. In addition, Michael played a key role in my getting the New King James Version text for my site. He was quite the Tablet PC fanatic, experimenting with various tablet pcs, Franklin Covey’s Tablet Planner, GoBinder, and OneNote, and was also quite active on Eventually, though, he got tired of all the “hassles” of Windows and moved on to the Mac. I don’t think he’s looked back, either. Since then, I’ve become quite the Mac fan, too. However, I still love and use my tablet pcs.

Imagine the smile on my face today, as I was monitoring my twitter feeds, to see Michael twitter the following:

Being the smart-alec kind of guy that I can be sometimes, I couldn’t resist a little dig: