Don’t Read This if You Don’t Like the Idea of Stall Surfing. Or Maybe You Should Wash Your Hands and Then Read It

OK, I’m the resident Stall Surfing post guy here at GBM. Everytime I post about this phenomenon of mobile tech I got lots of responses that can be summed up with TMI. Well, if you think there’s been too much information about it already, stop reading now. But promise me you’ll wash your hands before picking up your mobile gadget.

A report from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London says that 1 in 6 mobile phones in Britain have traces of fecal matter on them because their users don’t wash their hands properly. The study involved 390 samples in 12 British cities and was aimed at promoting Global Hand Washing Day which was on October 15th. Londoners and residents of Birmingham fared the worst. In case you didn’t know (please tell me you know this) improper hand washing can lead to the spread of bacteria like ecoli and cause all sorts of diseases.

Too much information? Wash your hands before you leave a reply.