Download Duck Hunt and Super Mario World Knockoffs Free For iPhone

Today only you can relive your childhood gaming with Duck Hunt AR and Super World Adventures. These well played knockoffs take you on a Super Mario Bros. style adventure and include the ever laughing mutt from Duck Hunt.

Super World Adventures

Super World Adventures, a Super Mario Bros. Clone

Super World Adventures is a Super Mario Bros. style side scroller which pits you against the evil “Wild Board” who has stolen your lunch. Make your way through levels and maps, just like you used to when you were enjoying 8-bit gameplay, by jumping, throwing, and climbing in 36 levels.

Duck Hunt AR shouldn’t need an introduction, but in case you aren’t familiar with the lightgun play of the old school NES Duck Hunt game, you are tasked with hunting ducks while using your iPhone as a gun.

Duck Hunt iPhone game

Relive your childhood hunting with this Duck Hunt clone.

The Duck Hunt AR game uses the environment you see to set up the game, with trees and grass in front of the real trees.

The game includes a mischievous mutt that will laugh at you anytime you miss all the ducks.

These two apps are available for free today only as part of the DailyAppDream free app promotion.