Dragon Medical 10-Week Three

Dragon Medical 10 has surpassed my expectations! I didn’t expect to be writing this first sentence since I am a long-time user of Dragon, going back almost 1 decade. I have historically found that each new version of Dragon has some improvements but not necessarily great improvements.

I have developed certain expectations regarding Dragon’s accuracy as the program has changed over the years. I have learned about microphones, tweaking my computer for optimal performance and other things in my quest to have perfection.

I never thought I would see the program developed to such a degree that it really is almost perfect with speech recognition. Now, I seem to be having 99% accuracy in daily usage. Yes, I have a great microphone. I also have a Motion 1600 tablet computer that really isn’t state of the art.

The words do not go down on my tablet screen as quickly as they do on Dragon’s promotional literature. I guess if I did have the optimal computer that that also would occur. This has not necessarily presented to be a problem for me. I have found that I need time to think about my thoughts and the lapse of time after I speak until the words are transcribed is good for me.

I am using a Sennheiser headset. This is a wired headset and it would be great to use a Bluetooth headset but I usually use a Bluetooth keyboard. I can honestly say that I have yet to see a Sennheiser microphone that does not work exceptionally well with speech recognition.

Medical terminology already embedded in the program has really expedited my increase in accuracy. I am not training any of the medical terms as I had in the past with Dragon professional. Although many medical words are in the vocabulary of the professional version it often times did not recognize them without training.

So what are my limitations with this program? Well, I am disappointed about the fact that when I say “select a certain phrase” often times is transcribed as “slight a certain phrase.” This may be a reflection of not having a fantastic tablet that brings out the best in the program. I think this lack of focus may be more a result of a small antiquated chipset. I have not noted others experiencing this issue.

This week should bring some other comments regarding speech recognition from both Truc and Craig. It will be very interesting to see what they have to say. Stay tuned!