Droid Bionic Bug Fix Update Rolling Out in 30-60 Days

We had heard that Motorola would be rolling out an extensive bug fix update for the Droid Bionic during the month of November. Well, it’s now November 1st and the manufacturer has updated Droid Bionic owners on the situation. According to Moto, the update will be rolling out in 30-60 days. That means that at the very earliest, we’ll see it roll out at the end of November.

It also means that we might not see it until the end of December either. So those of you who are experiencing issues with the phone making the switch from 3G to 4G or its annoying high pitched sound when its plays media through headphones are going to have to endure for at least a month longer.

Droid Bionic

Obviously, this is probably not what some of you wanted to hear and we don’t blame you.

However, looking at how extensive the bug list for the Droid Bionic is, it’s not shocking to see Motorola give itself some wiggle room.

Let’s just hope that it doesn’t suffer any setbacks in its progress.

Via: Droid-Life