Droid RAZR Specs Confirmed: High-Res Display, Speedy Processor

We’re still not entirely sure what the name of the Motorola Droid RAZR is – it could be Droid RAZR, it could be Droid HD, it could be the Motorola Spyder – but what we are becoming sure of are the specifications that this device will arriving with when  it decides to officially hit Verizon’s network. The Droid RAZR showed up in its first benchmark over the weekend and that benchmark has revealed a couple of interesting tidbits presuming that the benchmark isn’t a fake.

We had heard about a display of the qHD (960×540) variety and according to this Nenamark benchmark, the Droid RAZR indeed has a qHD display. However, we still don’t know if this is a PenTile display or not with the latest rumors pegging it as straight qHD.

Also confirmed is the device’s processor which will be a OMAP4430 that is currently clocked at 1.2GHz. We could see it clocked to 1.5GHz before its all said and done though.

It’s also confirmed to be headed to Verizon but we’re pretty sure you could have figured that out already. It also has Android 2.3.5 on board.

Droid RAZR

So, now that we have two pieces to the puzzle seemingly confirmed, we await word on the rest.

We’ve heard it might have 4G LTE support and that it isn’t a world phone like the Droid Bionic but those are still far from the murky waters that this phone currently resides in. And while we still have no idea when it might launch, our gut tells us before the holidays, we do know one thing for sure.

It’s going to have some serious competition in the Samsung Nexus Prime and HTC Vigor when it finally does decide to show its face.

Via: Droid-Life