DROID Turbo Lollipop Problems & Fixes

After months of waiting the Motorola DROID Turbo Android 5.1 Lollipop update is finally rolling out from Verizon Wireless delivering a number of new features, and a brand new look. The changelog details everything that’s new from Android 5.1 and the material design UI, but it also brought with it a few problems, not to mention some outstanding issues remain unsolved.

At the end of October last year the DROID Turbo was released just a week before Android 5.0 Lollipop debuted. This made the update take longer than many wanted, but it’s finally here. The device launched with a few bugs, many of which are still present after the Android 5.1 Lollipop update. Here we aim to address a few of them, look for others, and offer a few potential fixes.

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For most the Motorola DROID Turbo Android 5.1 update has been a very smooth process, while others have been experiencing problems. It improved the overall look and feel, battery life, camera performance, and delivers Google’s material design, but there’s also some issues that will need to be fixed in future updates.

We’ve received multiple comments from DROID Turbo owners that are enjoying the update and have mostly positive comments, but there have also been complaints about installation problems, WiFi issues, poor battery life, slow data speeds, slow Turbo Charging, and some other small general problem.

With all Android updates the potential for issues is somewhat big, especially with such a huge visual and behind the scenes update like Android 5.1 Lollipop. The best advice would be to do a factory data reset and update with a fresh slate, but that’s not realistic for most as it completely wipes the smartphone and all apps, data, and information.

With that in mind, here’s a few details about the DROID Turbo Android 5.1 update, and a couple of problems that have been surfacing in forums and over at XDA Developers.

Turbo Android 5.1 Installation Problems

Some owners have reported problems when trying to actually accept, download, and install the Android 5.1 update. A few reports claimed the download never finished, and got stuck at a certain point. Verizon and Motorola both recommend downloading the software over a WiFi connection, which is owners first move.

Motorola recommends at least 50% battery life and a fast stable connection to complete the download. Users should reboot their device, charge it to at least 50% (we’d recommend 100%) and try installing the update again by going to settings > about phone > and tapping the check for updates button to begin the download again.

Alternatively, users can follow this guide to manually download and flash the DROID Turbo Android 5.1 Lollipop update, with a little know-how and some patience.

DROID Turbo WiFi Problems

Both before the update, and after, many owners have complained about WiFi issues, instability, drops and more. This has been an ongoing issue for the DROID Turbo, but should be fixed with Lollipop. There’s a few small changes that could improve the experience.

For one, owners should head into Settings > WiFi > and forget the network of choice. This will let you resign in, enter the password, and start with a clean slate for the connection, which should fix any drops and instabilities.

There is a single speaker on the front of the Droid Turbo, but that's powerful enough.

Users have also reported WiFi hangs, or slows down, which could be due to a setting where WiFi doesn’t stay on when the screen sleeps, to improve battery life. Go to Settings > WiFi then tap the menu option at the top. Navigate to Advanced and under the keep WiFi on during sleep option, make sure it’s set to Always.

Last but not least this could be a router issue with the home WiFi. Try unplugging your home router power cord for more than 10 seconds, or even a minute, then reconnect and let it reboot. Then re-sign into your WiFi on the DROID Turbo.

DROID Turbo Bluetooth Problems

While we’ve yet to experience any problems using Bluetooth on the DROID Turbo, even after Lollipop, this is another problem we’ve seen surface more than a few times. The first step is to toggle Bluetooth off and back on.

Many users have complained that while working out, running, or just general motion the Bluetooth seems to struggle and streaming audio cuts in and out, and other things. AndroidAuthority suggests turning off all Moto Active features, and make sure to turn off WiFi as well, as it could be interfering with Bluetooth.

Again, we’ve had no problems with Bluetooth so haven’t needed to find a solution, and most likely this is just a compatibility issue with some vehicles or Bluetooth devices.

Turbo Charging Slower After Lollipop

The DROID Turbo has a feature called turbo charging, or Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 that lets it charge quicker than most devices. Something we’ve seen from recent Samsung, LG, and other devices. However, users are claiming that after Android 5.1 the Turbo Charging doesn’t charge as fast.

There’s no solution to this at the moment, and we’ve reached out to Verizon and Motorola for additional details, and will report back once we know more. Are you experiencing slower charging speeds since updating to Android 5.1 Lollipop?

DROID Turbo Performance

The DROID Turbo has a fast powerful processor and plenty of RAM, and along with the efficient Android 5.1 Lollipop it should run incredible fast and smooth. Overall most reports are positive, but with any big update like this problems are likely to arise.

Updating the entire system to something like Android 5.1 Lollipop could leave some remnants of the older software, apps, junk and more. As a result, our best advise before a full system factory reset would be to clear the cache on the device. This can be done two ways. Users can also clear app cache, and then system cache using a more advanced method.

Beginners can download an app called Clean Master. This will clear all update and random files that are not only taking up space, but fragmenting your device storage and slowing down performance.

However the best route is to actually boot the device into a safe area called the recovery, and clear the system cache. Instructions for this are available from Motorola, or follow the instructions below.

  • With the phone powered off, press the VOL DOWN KEY for 2-3 seconds then POWER key then release.
  • The device will display different BOOT OPTIONS
  • Use the VOL DOWN Key to SCROLL to Recovery and POWER Key to select

If the device reboots, you may have waited to long to make a selection, you will need to begin the process again.

  • The device will display the Motorola logo and then the Android in distress ( logo with Exclamation mark)
  • Press and hold the VOL UP key for 10-15 seconds. While still holding the VOL UP key tap and release the POWER key
  • Use the VOL DOWN Key to scroll to wipe cache partition and the POWER Key to select this option

After this the device will wipe and clear the entire cache partition and clear all those update files and other system files. It will reboot and power up as normal. Be extremely careful not to hit the wipe all data and factory reset, as this will erase the entire device. We only want to wipe the cache partition.

Factory Data Reset

With big updates such as Android 5.1 Lollipop, I usually do a factory data reset so the device starts with a clean and clear slate. This will erase all user data, and put the device in a “factory” out of box state. As a result users will want to backup all their data first, then proceed. This is a last resort of the problems are enough to warrant a full wipe.

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To factory reset the DROID Turbo head into Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > and tap Reset Phone. This will completely erase everything, reboot, and start fresh. Users can then use the new Android 5.0 Lollipop restore function to download all previously used apps. The new Tap n Go restore works great, if you have another device to restore from, or hit the drop-down option and select your DROID Turbo, and restore all apps from your Google sync account.

So far we’re hearing mostly positive comments about the DROID Turbo Android 5.1 Lollipop update. However, if you’re experiencing issues try some of the fixes above, or drop us a comment below with the problems you may be having.