Dropbox Hack Was a Hoax

Last night we reported on a fast moving story that it appeared Dropbox had been hacked by a group known as 1775Sec and/or Anonymous. Dropbox immediately denied the story and said the website’s downtime was due to internal maintenance issues. This morning it appears that Dropbox was indeed on the up and up and the claim of the hack was a hoax. The Dropbox site is back up and running.

Dropbox-logoAccording to TechCrunch, a known Anonymous Twitter account denied the attack and its announced motive to honor the anniversary of the death of Aaron Swartz.

The troubling side of this story or any sort of hacking story is that an actual hack does not need to actually occur in order to inject disruption into customers’ minds. With hacks, both real and false seeming to be a part of the regular news cycle in any given week, it must certainly drive customers and companies to distraction trying to contain not only real damage when it occurs, but the damage that can also come from the barrage of news stories that accompany these reports. The Internet is a fast moving and changing landscape with reporting in almost real time that is both accurate and inaccurate, as we have seen in a variety of news events in recent years.

I for one have no idea how a company can begin to contain such damaging info, and I’m sure Dropbox will spend much time attempting to do so.