Dynamism bringing the Viliv S10 Blade to the States

The multi-touch convertible Viliv S10 Blade, which I got to handle at CES, is coming to the U.S. from Dynamism. Featuring a 10.1″ HD LCD (1366×768) and Intel Atom processor up to 2.0GHz, it’s a compact but potent package with options for built-in HSPA 3G and 64GB SSD.

Not a whole lot of data beyond what we’ve already read about this device. Specs list the touchscreen as “3-point resistive” meaning it can register up to three points of pressure. Battery is listed at 43Whr, offering up to 10 hours battery life or 7 hour movie playback. Weight is listed as 2.67 Lbs, which Amy found rather heavy but I felt was quite comfortable in portrait mode. Being offered in seven configurations, starting at $799 $699. Hit the Dynamism site to sign up for pricing and availability updates.