Early Dirt on Palm Pre Pricing Shows Sprint Still Clueless

palmprewebos.jpgAlthough Sprint seems to be correcting a number of faults and is perhaps poised for a big boost from the release of the Palm Pre, early reports on its pricing, if true, show that Sprint (and other carriers as well) still don’t place much value on building customer loyalty.   Word is filtering out that new customers can pick up a subsidized Palm Pre for $199. But if you’re an existing customer still on a contract you’ll have to pay $299 to get the latest and greatest.

This kind of marketing has been going on for so long that most just shrug and deal with it and of course that’s what Sprint and others count on.   To my way of thinking this approach only leads to customer discontent in the long run. It is no wonder that companies who follow these practices have to have Customer Retention Specialists.

There’s also word that the Pre will have some sort of limited roll out on June 7 and while I can understand that on some levels there is a hint of bizarreness there.