EasyTether on Sale at Amazon Appstore, Doesn’t Require Root

Users who do not wish to a carrier’s more expensive monthly subscription plan for sharing their Android smartphone’s data with other USB- or WiFi-enabled devices can now have another option via EasyTether, an app that’s on sale at half off on the Amazon AppStore.

EasyTether, normally a $10 app, is now available for $5. The beauty of the program is that it doesn’t require a user to root their devices. The program, unlike the carrier-optimized subscription mobile hotspot apps for Android smartphones, works on USB only, but it does support Windows, Mac OS X, Ubutuntu, and Fedora platforms.

Utilization of the app may violate your terms of service with your carrier, but for those who opt to take the legal risk, this one-time fee app for $5 will beat having to pay recurring charges to your carrier every month. For now, though, it’s USB only so you can’t hook up  a non-desktop or laptop it seems.