3 Reasons Not to Install the Apple Watch OS Update Now

It is worth waiting for other users to deliver Apple Watch 1.0.1 feedback.

-+*The first Apple Watch update is finally here with a focus on improving the performance of the Apple Watch. Even with the promise of a better experience and performance, there are some reasons you may want to skip installing the Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 update right now. Apple released the Apple Watch in April, and […]

Nexus Android 5.1.1 Release: 10 Things to Count On Now


-+*Google’s Nexus Android 5.1.1 release continues to gain ground though there is still a long way to go before the job is complete. With Google’s new Android 5.1 update still missing for many Nexus users, we want to take a look at what we expect now from Google’s latest roll out. In March, Google pushed an Android 5.1 […]

iOS 8.4 Release: What to Expect in June

iPad Air 2 iOS 8.3 Review - 1

-+*The iOS 8.4 release is rumored to be getting closer which means that interest amongst iPhone and iPad users is starting to grow. We already know quite a bit about the update itself but its release remains a bit of a mystery. With that in mind, we want to make some final predictions as we approach the month of June. […]

Top 10 LG G4 Settings to Change


-+*The new LG G4 has plenty to offer with its big and bright 5.5-inch screen and super impressive camera, but there are lots of settings you’ll want to change as soon as it’s removed from the box. Owners that just received the new phone should check out all the options and controls in settings, but […]

Best iPhone Games for When You’re Bored at Work


-+*If you’re bored at work and looking for things to quickly and easily pass the time, here are some of the best iPhone games that you can play without attracting much attention. The thing with many iPhone games is that you look ridiculous when you play them, especially games that rely on the iPhone’s gyroscope. […]

Best Cheap Android Smartphones [May, 2015]


-+*As we push deeper into 2015 more and more excellent cheap Android smartphones continue to be available for consumers. Those in the market for an affordable yet quality smartphone will want to check out our list below. There are tons of decent budget smartphones to choose from, ones that are actually worth the money. If […]

iPhone 6s Release: 10 Things Buyers Can Count On

Apple invests in tech that could deliver a better iPhone 6s camera.

-+*As we approach WWDC 2015, we continue to see iPhone 6s rumors emerge teasing everything from the rumored device’s specs to the iPhone 6s release date. With rumors picking up the pace, we want to take an early look at some of the things we here at Gotta Be Mobile expect from the iPhone 6s […]

Jay Z’s Tidal Freestyle: Brutal Slam Against Spotify & Apple

Watch the Jay Z Tidal freestyle that blasts Google, Apple, YouTube and Spotify.

-+*Jay Z’s Tidal Freestyle in the middle of a weekend concert is a brutal attack on Spotify, Google, YouTube, Apple and other companies. Tidal is Jay Z’s music streaming service that takes on Spotify and Apple Beats Music, both of which Jay Z calls out in the Tidal freestyle during the B-Sides concert. Read: TIDAL vs Spotify […]

iPhone 6s vs. LG G4: What We Know So Far

Even with a big screen, the LG G4 isn't a massive phone.

-+*We continue to see iPhone 6s rumors tease consumers in the United States and around the world. With these early iPhone 6s details in mind, we want to take an early look at how the device is stacking up against the LG G4, LG’s new flagship. This is our way too early iPhone 6s vs. LG G4 comparison. Back in 2013, LG […]

4 Reasons to Install Android 5.1.1 Lollipop When It Arrives

Apps, connectivity and performance are solid.

-+*Google’s new Nexus Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update comes with a number of big time bug fixes for Lollipop problems. It’s an exciting update and it’s one that some of you might want to install the second it comes out. Today, we take a look at a few reasons why you might want to install the Nexus Android 5.1.1 […]

Elder Scrolls Online PS4 & Xbox Release: 5 Things to Know


-+*The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 & Xbox One release date is confirmed for June and excitement for the game’s arrival is starting to build. With that in mind, we want to run down the most important things PS4 and Xbox One users need to know about the Elder Scrolls Online release. We’re still a little more […]

Early iPhone 6s Release Date Teases Buyers

iPhone 6s Rumors - 11

-+*The latest iPhone 6s release date rumors tease a faster upgrade for users who are trying to decide if they should buy the iPhone 6 or wait for the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s release date is likely coming this fall. A new report claims Apple is preparing for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus […]

Why My Surface Pro 3 Is Better Than Your MacBook and iPad Air 2

The Surface Pro 3

-+*Having been born a slate with some serious heft, this year’s iPad Air 2 is surprisingly thin and superlight. Upgrades contained inside let it do a lot more than we previously dreamed tablets could. The MacBook has followed roughly the same trajectory, shedding weight and extra ports to achieve ultimate portability. It’s safe to say that […]

7 Exciting iOS 8.4 Update Details

iPhone 6s Rumors - 16

-+*Apple’s iOS 8.4 update continues to make progress and we continue to get closer to the public iOS 8.4 release date. Apple isn’t saying much about iOS 8.4 just yet but that hasn’t stopped important iOS 8.4 details from emerging for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In April, shortly after the iOS 8.3 release, Apple released […]

6 Exciting LG G4 Cases

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.49.27 PM

-+*The brand new LG G4 smartphone comes designed with a beautiful handmade premium leather material on back, but that doesn’t mean owners won’t want to protect it with a case. Not to mention US carriers will also have three regular plastic models that aren’t as pretty and may need additional protection. Here’s a list of […]

5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to a PS4

Save big with our PS4 Deals April 2015 roundup.

-+*It sometimes seems almost unbelievable that a year and a half has passed since Sony launched its PS4 gaming console. Maybe we owe the strange sensation to just how long last-generation consoles were with us. Today there are millions of gamers around the world all still playing GTA 5 on a PS3 or in a […]

iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy Note 5: What We Know So Far

iPhone 6s Camera

-+*As we push on deeper into the year, we’re starting to see Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors and iPhone 6s rumors clash. Neither device is confirmed but thanks to a series of rumors and leaks, we have enough to make an early comparison. This is our way too early look at the iPhone 6s vs. […]

Best iPhone Bike Accessories


-+*It’s that time of the year again where the leaves are coming back and warmer weather is finally a reality. It’s also when bikers are taking their bikes out of storage and prepping them for the road, but before you get back on the saddle and ride away into the sunset, here are some iPhone […]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: 5 Things to Know

Best Buy offers a big the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt deal for Gamers Club Unlocked members.

-+*Finding a truly immersive role-playing game isn’t as easy as some might assume it is. Role-playing games are meant to be immersive, you’re meant to feel like you’ve left the confines of your living room and ventured into another world. This new world has different rules and is a place where anything is possible. Lots […]

Destiny: House of Wolves Update – What You Need to Know

Destiny (1)

-+*It was this past September that owners of the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 finally got their hands on Destiny, the first-person shooter and online role-playing game from Bungie. With Bungie having previously worked on the Halo series, most expected an immersive story with plenty of action and lots of content. Depending on […]