Elder Scrolls Online Problems: 5 Things You Need to Know

The Elder Scrolls Online release for PS4 and Xbox One was delayed for over a year but that hasn’t stopped issues from emerging shortly after its release. Elder Scrolls Online problems are starting to emerge for PS4 and Xbox One users and today we want to take a look at what you need to know about these initial issues.

Today, a year after the release for the PC, ZeniMax and Bethesda finally released Elder Scrolls Online for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release is the first major Elder Scrolls release for current-generation consoles and many PS4 and Xbox One users plopped down cold hard cash to venture around Tamriel.


Elder Scrolls Online reviews for PS4 and Xbox One are still missing in action though we expect them to arrive soon. While critics haven’t supplied much feedback yet, owners of the game are starting to chime in with their own findings. And while some users report a smooth experience, others are already running into Elder Scrolls Online problems.

This is a massively complex game. It features tons of items, characters, quests, towns, zones, enemies, and more. The Elder Scrolls Online for PC was plagued with issues from the start though ZeniMax has, over the past year, been able to improve the game with a series of patches. Point is, some initial hiccups are normal.

So, with Elder Scrolls Online problems already emerging for PS4 and Xbox One, we want to take a look at five things you need to know right now as we push away from the release date.

Elder Scrolls Online Server Problems

The first Elder Scrolls Online problems for PS4 and Xbox One struck at midnight for those in North America. Almost immediately, Elder Scrolls Online players started complaining about server problems that left them unable to log into the North American Mega Server.

Over the course of the day, ZeniMax has been working hard to fix the problems and it appears that most of the initial server issues have dissipated. A community manager over at ZeniMax says that the problems were related to the amount of players trying to log in all at once:

Just to wrap up this thread, we did identify the root cause of this issue (basically, we just had a bunch of people hitting the server all at once!) and there should be minimal login issues at this time. If you continue to experience a problem logging in, please keep trying and you will eventually get in. Thanks again for your patience last night and this morning!

If you’re unable to log into the North American server today, and there are people still having problems, it looks like there is a simple fix that’s working for some players. Here’s how one user describes the fix:

Ok, here’s what I did and it worked. I kept getting the internal error. I went to server select and changed it to EU.
Clicked play and it worked for EU. It took me to the character creation screen. I canceled that and went back to
server select. I selected the NA server and clicked play and it worked, finally got in.

For whatever it’s worth, we’ve been able to log onto the Xbox One server with no problem though we have noticed a bit of lag during gameplay. This isn’t surprising given that it’s 24 hours after the game’s release. We expect server errors and lag to settle in the days and weeks ahead. Remain patient.

Other Elder Scrolls Online Problems

Server problems aren’t the only issues plaguing PS4 and Xbox One Elder Scrolls Online players.

Those who just started the game are complaining about invisible NPCs and mobs, broken quests, broken NPCs, download issues, massive frame rate drops and various issues with lag, loading screen issues, problems with the group function, no NPC voices, crashes and general instability, issues with Crown transfers, and a whole lot more.


Reddit is full of complaints as are ZeniMax’s general forums, Xbox One forums, and PlayStation 4 forums. Both versions of the game are exhibiting issues in the hours after the initial release.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. We expect complaints about PS4 & Xbox One Elder Scrolls Online problems to continue as more people buy the game and as people venture deeper into the vast world of Tamriel.

This Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

If you’ve never played an MMO before, know this. All of these things are very typical of a newly released game that features tons of quests, NPCs, and human players. There are always problems but that doesn’t mean that these problems won’t get fixed.

ZeniMax has been working hard to improve the overall quality of the PC version of Elder Scrolls Online. The company has detailed every single patch on its website and you should note the size and frequency of these patches because there’s a good chance the company will offer the same kind of support to these consoles.

The company has not confirmed any upcoming patches for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 but you can expect ZeniMax to roll out regular patches to the game. These patches will be full of bug fixes though you can do your part by reporting problems directly to the developer. ZeniMax is listening.

Keep an eye out for patches in the coming days. ZeniMax will almost certainly trumpet each and every patch. That’s how important they are.

How to Report Elder Scrolls Online Problems

If you stumble upon a problem in Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll want to take out a ticket so that you can detail the bug in full. We’ve done this numerous times in the past and we’ve seen several bugs appear in patches for the PC version.

First, before submitting a ticket, you’ll want to make sure that your issue isn’t listed in the developer’s current database of known Elder Scrolls Online problems. Search and if you can’t find the problem, then you’ll want to open a ticket. There are two ways to do that.


You can submit a ticket on the developer’s website, or, you can launch in-game Player Menu and request support from ZeniMax staff. Here are a couple of other things to know.

Xbox One users:

If you encounter an error on the Xbox One that does not directly relate to ESOTU, please check theXbox Support Error & Status Code Search website. You will need to visit the Xbox Support websiteto contact the Microsoft team for any questions related to the following:

  • ESO Plus subscription
  • Buying Crowns
  • Xbox Live Gold membership & Xbox Live account
  • Downloading and installing the game

PS4 users:

If you encounter an error on the PlayStation®4 that does not directly relate to ESOTU, please check the PS4: Error Codes website. You will need to visit the Playstation Support website to contact the Sony team for any questions related to the following:

  • ESO Plus subscription
  • Buying Crowns
  • Xbox Live Gold membership & Xbox Live account
  • Downloading and installing the game

Where to Find Help

If you run into issues with the Xbox One version of Elder Scrolls, the first place you’ll want to go is the Xbox One Technical Support Forum on ZeniMax’s website. If you run into issues with the game on PS4, you’ll want to go to the PlayStation 4 Technical Support forum.

There’s a number of other ZeniMax official forums that you’ll want to take a look at as well. While, these are great resources, they aren’t the only ones and they might not even be the fastest way to solve your issues.


ZeniMax is hosting a mega thread on Reddit that should prove to be a valuable resource. In addition, the Elder Scrolls Online community on Reddit is already thriving and it’s a great place to ask questions about bugs, problems or quests. Tamriel Foundry is another good place to look for assistance if you do encounter Elder Scrolls Online problems.