Elder Scrolls Online Tips to Level Up Faster

Earlier today, ZeniMax and Bethesda finally released the Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One, opening the doors to Tamriel for console gamers across the planet. Now that the highly anticipated game is live, we want to offer some Elder Scrolls Online tips to those who are looking to quickly level their character.

After several delays and a ton of hype, Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One is finally here and players from around the world are now able to pick their race, choose their faction, and quest in a massive open-world that’s full of exciting quests, monsters, loot, and more.

There are a ton of components to the game but one of the most basic and most important is the leveling system. Once you create your character and enter Tamriel, you’ll be at level one. Level one zones are full of level one loot, quests and monsters. Once you start leveling up your character and your traits, you’ll be able to use better gear, take on deadlier opponents, and enter new zones with new quests and characters.


Not everyone will want to power level or push through the game at a rapid pace but if you’re looking to power level or you’re simply looking to catch up to your friends, there are some ways to level up your characters skills and traits in an efficient and speedy manner.

We’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online since its release for PC last year and over time we, and many others, have come up with some tips that should help you level faster in Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One. Some of these tips are more involved than others but they’re all worth a look if you’re looking to gain an edge in the race to the next level.

Improve Your Mount

Bethesda and ZeniMax have created a massive world for you to enjoy. Tamriel is huge but so are its various zones. And while you’ll be able to fast travel between certain points, you’re still going to be doing a lot of running around. That’s what makes your mount extremely important to your character and leveling up said character.

If you buy the Elder Scrolls Imperial Edition, you’ll be able to immediately head to a stable and purchase the White Imperial Horse for a single gold piece. This saves you the trouble of tracking down gold in game to buy a common horse. Common mounts cost 17,000+ gold so you probably won’t be able to buy one right away.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition upgrade isn’t free but this horse will serve you well in lower levels if you’re trying to progress quickly because it allows you to travel to points of interest and waypoints more quickly than if you’re simply running around on foot.

Imperial Edition or not, you’ll be able to upgrade your mount by feeding it. Different food nets you different gains. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Apples – will increase the movement speed of your mount.
  • Hay – will increase the overall stamina which in turn allows it to sprint for a longer period of time.
  • Oats – will allow you to carry more items in your inventory which is key if you plan on leveling up your crafting skills.

Rings of Mara

If you’re playing with a friend, you can pick up the Rings of Mara. The Rings of Mara is a ring that allows you to get married to another character. And once you’re married and you’re grouped with your spouse, you’ll gain extra experience points when you fight together. This is going to be huge for those of you looking to blast past the lower level portion of the game.

The Rings of Mara comes with the Explorer’s Pack. So, if you pre-ordered Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll have access to it. You’ll need to complete the Ritual of Mara before the experience bonus takes effect.

Play With Friends & Join a Guild

While it’s nice to adventure in the swamps and forests alone, it’s going to be in your best interest to team up with a friend or guild members to tackle more difficult quests and monsters.

If you link up with a group, you’ll be able to more quickly burn through quests and take down monsters that you wouldn’t be able to kill by yourself. Harder quests net you more experience points so there’s certainly a benefit to questing in a group rather than as an individual.

If you don’t know anyone in ESO personally, join a guild. The game is very new which means that there will be a ton of guilds looking for members. Try some out, meet some of the people, and perhaps you’ll find a few people to quest with. If you’re not into that, try the world chat and see if you can pick up group members that way.

For more on Guilds, we recommend taking a look at Guildex or the Reddit for ESO Guilds.

Pick An Appropriate Character

You’re going to need to fight enemies and complete quests to gain experience. And if you want to fight and win, you’re going to want to pick a character and skills that fit your playing style. That way, you’ll be able to handle most fights without dying repeatedly, costing you precious time to level.

If this is your first MMO or if this is your first time playing Elder Scrolls Online you will want to take a look at the Elder Scrolls Online Wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki, and the database over at UESP. These will bring some of the smaller details into focus and help you pick the class that suits you best.

If you’re playing with a group, we recommend picking different classes so that you present a balanced front. In other words, you probably don’t want three healers. You’d be better off with a healer, someone that can take a ton of damage and someone that can perform tons of damage per second.

Find Skyshards & Read Books

Once you pick out a character and decide on a play style, you’re going to want to level up your characters traits so that you can take on bigger enemies. Remember, the harder the enemy, the more experience you’ll gain from his or her death.

To speed things up, you’re going to want to want to find Skyshards. Collect enough Skyshards and you’ll be able to put a point into your skill tree. The more points you have, the more powerful your character will be. Skyshards can be obtained from some quests but they can also be found in the world around you. If you want to take the fun out of exploration, there are maps that pinpoint every single Skyshard location.

There are also tons of books in Tamriel. Some of them are simply for those that love Elder Scrolls lore, others are far more important. Some books will grant you skill points in certain areas. For instance, pick up a book about armor and you might gain a point in light armor.

So, when you enter a dungeon or explore a cave, make sure you read the books scattered about. You don’t have to read them word for word as you’ll be granted the point just for opening it.

Stack Quests

If you’re playing with a group or alone, one thing you’ll want to do is stack quests. What we mean by that is, you’ll want to gather as many quests as you can for one area before setting out. This might require some time or a look at a guide for assistance but the extra time will pay dividends because you won’t find yourself high and dry looking for stuff to do.

If you don’t want to find quests yourself, you can take a look the UESP guide, the Elder Scrolls Online Wikia Guide and the Elder Scrolls Wiki Guide. These will help you find quests in specific areas which will in turn help you gain more experience per hour and cut down on the time it takes you to pass thru certain zones.


If you’re not into moving around a lot, you can grind. Grinding involves sitting in one zone killing enemies over and over again gaining experience. It’s not fun work for most but it will get the job done. This guide will show you where the best enemies are for your level. Rinse and repeat.

If you don’t feel like sitting around killing the same monsters over and over again for hours at a time, you can also venture out and do some exploring. Exploring includes questing but it also includes some bigger events that are certainly going to be worth your time because the provide massive amounts of experience.

In your travels, you might encounter a random world boss. Bosses will give you extra experience though you’ll probably need help killing them. More often than not, other adventures will be waiting for the spawn and you’ll be able to take them down together.

You’ll also want to look for Dark Anchor events. Dark Anchors are the creations of Molag Bol and when they are active, enemies will pour out and attack anything and everything around. They are very easy to spot due to their size and the amount of noise they make so if you encounter one, stick around and fight because you’ll get tons of experience and loot.

Pay for ESO Plus

If you don’t feel like grinding or gathering up quests to do all at once, you can also pay a little bit of real world money to push your character forward.

ZeniMax and Bethesda offer a program called ESO Plus that will grant you free DLC and buffs that increase experience, gold acquisition and crafting points.

30-day Membership:

  • 1500 crowns at the start of each 30-day membership period
  • Access to all downloadable content for the duration of membership
  • Exclusive character progression bonuses for the duration of membership
    • 10% bonus to experience point gain
    • 10% bonus to crafting research
    • 10% bonus to crafting inspiration gain
    • 10% bonus to gold acquisition

90-day Membership:

  • 4500  crowns at the start of each 90-day membership period
  • Access to all downloadable content for the duration of membership
  • Exclusive character progression bonuses for the duration of membership
    • 10% bonus to experience point gain
    • 10% bonus to crafting research
    • 10% bonus to crafting inspiration gain
    • 10% bonus to gold acquisition

180-day Membership:

  • 9000 crowns at the start of each 180-day membership period
  • Access to all downloadable content for the duration of membership
  • Exclusive character progression bonuses for the duration of membership
    • 10% bonus to experience point gain
    • 10% bonus to crafting research
    • 10% bonus to crafting inspiration gain
    • 10% bonus to gold acquisition

ESO Plus 30 day memberships are $14.99 per month, a 90 day membership is $13.99, and an 180 day membership is $12.99. The memberships include recurring payments so you’ll need to cancel your account before the end of membership period if you don’t want to get charged again.

Those who have used ESO Plus (we never subscribed to it for PC and did just fine) have both positive and negative things to say about the service so you’ll want to dig into user feedback before committing your money to it.

If you own a PS4 and you’re curious about ESO Plus, head to Bethesda’s website. Same thing for those of you who own Microsoft’s Xbox One.