Enable pinch and twist gestures in Firefox 4

If you’ve downloaded Firefox 4 to your multitouch Windows tablet and wondered why pinch-to-zoom wasn’t working, it’s not just you. The update has that disabled by default, but a little configuration magic can get it up and running again, as well as a twist gesture to roll between tabs.

To re-enable the gestures, enter “about:config” in your address bar and then click the button saying you promise to be careful. Either scroll down the list or search on “gesture” to whittle it down until you find the “browser.gesture” strings. To enable pinch gestures, change the following values.

  browser.gesture.pinch.in         cmd_fullZoomReduce
  browser.gesture.pinch.in.shift   cmd_fullZoomReset
  browser.gesture.pinch.out        cmd_fullZoomEnlarge
  browser.gesture.pinch.out.shift  cmd_fullZoomReset

To enable twist gestures, change these values

  browser.gesture.twist.left       Browser:PrevTab
  browser.gesture.twist.right      Browser:NextTab

The pinch gestures enable the standard Windows zoom functionality (sorry, no silky smooth zooming like in Opera Mobile 11). The twist gestures have been part of Firefox since version 3.5 (I think). Great for jumping tabs while working in fullscreen mode. For best control, I recommend holding your thumb and forefinger like a compass with thumb stationary and finger turning around it. Don’t know why these gestures were disabled by default, but if you missed them, they’re easy enough to restore.

Originally shared by Mac OS X Hints. Twist gesture tip from Lifehacker.