Engadget evaluates the Netbook Navigator Nav 9 Windows 7 slate

Joanna Stern of Engadget got her hands on the Netbook Navigator Nav 9, which is possibly the Windows 7 slate that Steve Ballmer said had shipped the other day. But is it proof that Windows 7 is “ready” for slates or is it proof to the contrary?

Joanna answers that question at the conclusion of her review and leads up to it with good supporting points. Lot of good info on the resistive multi-touch screen they use, as well as discussion of finger vs. stylus use. She also touches on the software, primarily Windows 7, but also the DeskSpace application for creating and switching between multiple desktop environments.

I agree with her on most of her points and conclusion. I feel like I understand the device better after reading the review, exemplifying a point I made earlier. It sounds to me like the Nav 9 could benefit greatly from ritePen, which should work well with the resistive screen and eliminates a lot of problems with digging through menus and launching shortcuts. They should look into adding that to their bundled software. Pop over to Engadget and see if you agree.