Essential 2012 Summer Olympics Apps for the iPhone and iPad

The 2012 Summer Olympic games are set to kick off in London and fans that want to watch the Olympics on their iPhone and iPad are in for one of the most connected Olympics to date.

With free live olympic game streaming from the NBC 2012 Summer Olympics app to some of the best Olympic apps around, here’s the best ways to watch the Olympics on the iPhone and iPad

Let us show you the apps and how you can enjoy the games on the go using one of these apps or a couple of other apps that we always list when it comes to enjoying big TV events while mobile.

iPad owners can check out the Olympic apps in the App store.

London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympics

London 2012 Official App

This 2012 Olympics official results app gives users all the news regarding the games, including results, schedules and lists of athletes. The athlete info helps fans know the competitors and their history as an athlete. Search by sport and country. Select favorites and get updates when they’re competing to follow the action. Fans can check the medal count by country. It works on both the iPad and iPhone 4/4S.

London 2012 Official Join In App for the Olympics

olympic join in game

The first app helps users keep track of the games while this app helps attendees enjoy their Olympic experience while in London. Use the information to plan what events to attend and where to go. Using GPS a user can find events nearby and share his or her position with friends or family so users can meet up while in London.

Those who live near the Olympic Torch relay route can find out when the torch will pass nearby and where. Also learn where related events, like celebrations and cultural events surrounding the games.

London 2012 Official Game Premium Version – $2.99

olympic games app

For fans who want to play the games, this app gives an interactive experience to enjoy. Train an athlete to compete in one of a number of sports including the following:

  • 100M running
  • 110M Hurdles
  • 100m Freestyle swimming
  • Double Trap shooting
  • Triple Jump
  • Pole Vault
  • 100m Butterfly swimming
  • Kayak boating
  • Archery
Play the games in training mode, challenge mode or Olympic mode.

2012 Team USA Road to London Olympics

official usa olympic team app

Use this free official US Olympic Committee app to follow the team as athletes compete for a spot on the 2012 team and then compete in London. The app gives daily updates about who made which teams. Editorial content from analysts and info about the people making up the various teams.

Fans can use the “cheer” button to send personal messages to the athletes or they can actually send a donation to help support the US Team.

NBC Olympics

nbc olympics

NBC will televise the games on all of their networks here in the US. Using this app fans can follow the games with extra information. Its the NBC Olympic website in app form for the iPad and iPhone. NBC wants users to use the app while they watch the games on their TV as a second screen tool.

Interact using links for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to share your thoughts with friends online. The app doesn’t let users watch the live games, but NBC will populate it with highlights. Get news and results, schedules, and athlete/team information. If a player from your hometown competes, follow him or her via your local NBC channel. Finally, get push notifications about your chosen sports or athletes.

To get a version for an Android device, see the Olympic Web site at NBC.

NBC Olympics Live Extra

NBC Olympics Live Extra

The NBC Olympics Live Extra app is the free 2012 Olympic video streaming app. Watch the games on the iPad with this app and get extras like alternate angles, full event replays on the go and push notifications for when specific events start. The app offers HD video with 1080p for the New iPad depending on the quality of the user’s Internet connection.

The Gold Zone will stream every Gold Medal event live and viewers can watch multiple events at a single time.

Here’s the catch, from the app description:

Access to some live streams and full event replays is determined by your cable, satellite or telco TV subscription. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section.

I assume that means users can only watch the events that NBC broadcasts on their channels if the user logs into the apps with their TV provider login information. Cable cutters are out of luck for the highest profile events.

To get a version for an Android device, see the Olympic Web site at NBC.

Other Non-Olympic Specific Apps

Here’s a couple of apps that will help users follow the Olympics and other great sporting event. For SlingBox users, get the Sling Player app on the iPad. It streams content from a TV over the Internet to the app or a website. For those who don’t have one, check out our SlingBox review to see if it justifies the expense of buying the hardware to connect to a TV along with the $30 for the app.

Also, look for general news apps, like everyone’s favorite ESPN ScoreCenter. It shows scores, news, and will likely offer medal counts. They might even provide live text-based play-by-play like they do during major sports events.

Don’t forget to search for Olympics in the app store. You’ll find some other interesting apps focused on the games.