Netgear NeoMediacast HDMI Dongle Takes on Google Chromecast

Netgear NeoMediacast

The Google Chromecast is currently the only product of its kind, allowing users to beam video content from a smartphone or tablet straight to a HDTV. However, Netgear wants to get in on the action and has announced NeoMediacast HDMI dongle. However, the Chromecast lacks a ton of capabilities, including streaming local content, but Netgear’s […]

Pebble Steel Smart Watch Adds Metal Band, Gorilla Glass Display

The new Pebble Smart Watch App Store is on the way soon.

The Pebble Steel is a new smart watch from the makers of one of the most popular and affordable smart watches that upgrades the band and the finish of the device for a smart watch that looks impressive. Gone are the plastic band and the plastic screen that was prone to scratches and in their […]

D Link’s DIR-510L: An 802.11 AC Portable Router & Charger In One Package

DIR-510L portable router and charger

Wireless-equipped smartwatches, smartphones and tablets get users excited, but such devices would be useless without a reliable internet connection and something to charge them when users aren’t near a plug. D-Link is banking that users will remember that reality with its new DIR-510L portable wireless router and charger. Announced this morning, The Wi-Fi AC750 Portable […]

NVIDIA Brings Desktop Power to Mobile with 192-Core Super Chip

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.43.07 PM-X3

To kick off CES 2014 NVIDIA took the stage to announce what’s next for mobile. According to the graphics and silicon company the next step in mobile graphics and computing is “bridging the gap” between desktop power and supercomputing with the mobile revolution. Last year they announced a new quad-core Tegra 4 mobile processor, as […]

The Sphero 2B: How Your Kids Will Learn To Program

Sphero 2B

The new Sphero 2b, a completely customizable and programmable robot that’s being shown off at this year’s consumer electronics could do what education toys and dedicated technology education programs in schools couldn’t: finally get kids and young adults into programming. Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Sphero 2b is custom-made for […]

Toshiba KIRAbook Updated with Intel Haswell and Lower Price

Toshiba KIRAbook

The Toshiba KIRAbook was first introduced last year back in April, and the company has decided that it’s time for a refresh not a single year after its release. Toshiba has intro’d an updated version of the MacBook Air clone, equipping it with the latest Intel Haswell processor and a slightly-lower price tag. The updated […]

Toshiba Chromebook Joins 3rd Wave of ChromeOS Machines

toshiba chromebook

At CES 2014 Toshiba took the wraps off a new Toshiba Chromebook that mostly resembles the specs of the other entries in this third wave of Chromebooks. However, it comes with a 13-inch display, making it the first Chromebook of that size. Toshiba’s entered this market with mostly the same specs as the models we […]

SteelSeries Stratus Is First iOS 7 Controller with Bluetooth

SteelSeries Stratus

SteelSeries has announced a new iOS 7 gaming controller that follows in the footsteps of Logitech’s and Moga’s own offerings, but it’s the first one to include Bluetooth, which means it can be used with an iPad or iPod touch as well — something that the other controllers don’t offer. It’s called the SteelSeries Stratus, […]

LG G Flex Showcased at CES


The LG G Flex is no surprise by now, and is readily available from a few carriers outside of the US, but today we’re getting another look at the smartphone at CES before the device launches across the US. Just this past week images leaked confirming LG’s plans to offer the curved and impressive smartphone […]

Netflix to Stream House of Cards in 4K on LG TVs


CES 2014 like all of the Consumer Electronic Shows in the past is about what’s coming down the pike. One of the technologies that display manufacturers are banking that consumers will want in the future features 4K displays. LG is one of those companies hoping that will be the case, and this morning they announced […]

Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulbs Last 23 Years, Offer Smartphone Controls

The WeMo bulbs are equivalent to a 60 watt bulb and should last 23 years.

The Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulbs allow iPhone and Android users to control light bulbs in their existing lamps, lights and ceiling fixtures with an app and WiFi connection. While the idea of a smart LED light bulb that is connected to WiFi or wireless and controlled from an iPhone is not new, Belkin pushes […]

Roku TV Is Coming to Your Living Room in a Big Way — Literally

Roku TV

Roku is usually known for its top-quality set-top boxes, but the company announced that it’s changing things up just a tad by revealing an actual Roku TV, thanks to a partnership with TCL and Hisense. There’s not a lot of details just yet, but these Roku TV models will come in six different flavors ranging […]

iPhone 5s Case with a Built in Outlet Lets You Charge Cord Free

This iPhone 5s case has a built-in plug to charge at any outlet, without a cord.

The Prong PocketPlug is an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s case with a built-in charger that allows you to charge anywhere there is an outlet, even if you don’t have a cable with you. This iPhone case launched first on KickStarter, but is now available at retail outlets and online direct from Prong, so there […]

Withings Aura Aims to Take Your Sleep to the Next Level

Withings Aura

Withings is all about health tracking, and it’s new Aura sleep-tracking system is no exception. The Aura is a two-part system, one of which is a connected pad that goes under your pillow or mattress, and the other component is a device that sits on your nightstand. At first glance, the Aura just simply looks […]

Corning Unveils Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass


We all love touch screens. I don’t think we all love the fact that touch screens can spread germs just like any surface we touch. That doesn’t stop us from swiping and pinching, but it would be nice to pinch germs out of the picture. Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, the tough material for […]

Belkin WeMo Crock Pot Connects Slow Cooker to iPhone & Android

This WiFi Slow Cooker is one of several new WeMo accessories at CES 2014.

The Belkin WeMo Crock Pot is essentially a slow cooker that you can control from your iPhone or Android to control the cooking experience and learn when your food is done. Belkin even sports the Crock Pot name, and will certainly earn a reputation as a WiFi connected Crock Pot. WeMo is Belkin’s brand of […]

LaCie Adds Whopping 1 TB of Storage to iPad, iPhone

LaCie Fuel

With Apple’s iPhone topping out at 64 GB and iPad capped off at 128 GB, sometimes that may not be enough to store all your photos, videos, music, and movies. And given that Apple doesn’t offer expandable storage on these devices, users cannot switch out a memory card and instead must rely on cloud storage, […]

LaCie Little Big Disk Packs Thunderbolt 2 Interface and Blazing Speed


LaCie pulled the wraps off of their Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 product at the 2014 International CES. Designed with videographers in mind, the Little Big Disk has a Thunderbolt 2 interface and two PCIe interfaced 500GB SSDs in RAID 0. With claimed speeds of up to 1370MB/s, LaCie believes that they have the fastest […]

Lowes Iris Adds Home Voice Control, Garage Door Opener & More

The Iris system can detect leaks and with a second unit shut off the water.

The Lowes Iris home automation system now offers an expanded lineup of convenience and safety to users who choose to install the DIY home automation system from Lowes with voice control, a garage door control that doesn’t require a new garage door, sprinkler control, leak detection with water shutoff and more. Iris is an affordable […]

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush Teaches You to Brush Again

CES Unveiled 2014 -  21-XL

Kolibree’s smart electric toothbrush at CES is 2014’s version of last year’s smart fork that brings a wave of new connected devices that begs consumers to ask if they need it. If you answered yes, then Kolibree’s solution aims to not simplify brushing, but make it more precise so that you evenly and meticulously clean […]