EverNote Adds Local Storage to iPhone/iPod Touch

EverNote continues to evolve and change on some fronts and each step is a good one in my opinion. The fact that you can experience EverNote across multiple platforms and multiple devices makes it a race to keep up at times as we’ll see an update for the Windows Client, then the Mac Client, then the web interface…

This latest update adds something that I think ups the ante for iPhone and iPod Touch users: local storage of notes. Essentially once you have a note in the EverNote cloud, if you want off-line access to it, you make it a favorite on your iPhone/iPod Touch and you can have access to the note without having to have a connection.

I’m assuming (and hoping) the same thing will happen for Windows Mobile devices soon as well. Now, if the good folks at EverNote can just find some time to work on the Inking engine and also move to let us see Inked notes on the Mac client, life will get even better.

UPDATE: Thanks to a a commentor on this post, it looks like EverNote took one step forward and for us Inkers, two steps back. While I can see thumbnails of Ink Posts on my iPhone, I can no longer see the Ink Post itself when I go to call it up. I can’t swear that this occured with just this recent update, but I do believe it did. Not a good thing, EverNote.

UPDATE 2: Twitter to the rescue here. Just got a direct message on Twitter from EverNote saying that not seeing Ink Notes on the iPhone is a bug and they are working to fix it tonight.