Evernote for Android Released

evernotelogoThis is making a lot of Android users happy today. Evernote, the app that wants to be your brain when it comes to remembering things, has been released. You can get it for your Android phone here. I’m currently not an Android user so I can’t check this out, but I know Rob Bushway has been looking forward to this, so maybe he’ll leave a comment as to how well it works. If anyone else running an Android device checks this out, make sure you report in and let us know what you think.

As usual, you’ll be able to create text, picture, or voice notes, and then sync them up to your Evernote cloud. They will then be available on any device should you download the Evernote client for that device, or available on the web service. Of course the reverse is true and you can view Evernote notes captured on other devices on your phone as well.