Evernote on Android: Confusion Uploaded

While at CES 2011 looking up notebooks and laptops for Notebooks.com I’ve been using Evernote more than normal on my Android device and it’s proven to be an incredible tool, but the upload process on Android has given me a scare on multiple occasions.

The latest Evernote upgrade for Android brought about many improvements and a new look as well as a note upload confirmation alert which sits in the notification bar. In principle the idea is nice, but in practice the notification looks like the international no symbol, which leads to plenty of double takes after entering an important note on the show floor.

Here’s what the image looks like from a foot or so away, take a quick glance and what do you see?

When you get closer, you can tell that it is a checkmark, but to be certain you have to get much closer than you should.

What do you think, should this be changed or do I need some new eye glasses?