Everyone’s Jawing about the New Aliph Jawbone

aliphjawbone3 My preferred BlueTooth headseat is the Aliph Jawbone 2. The folks at Aliph have just released the latest version called the Jawbone Prime. In addition to some cosmetic enhancements they’ve done some work under the hood as well.




The cosmetic stuff features some new colors in a limited edition that they are calling Ear Candy but the juice is in how they’ve improved the already excellent technology. They’ve tweaked up the NoiseAssassin technology that allows you to talk in noisy environments. For those who find that the little nub that rests on your cheekbone that activates the technology (called the Voice Activity Sensor) might not make consistent contact, they are rolling out the Acoustic Voice Activity Detector. If the device detects that you don’t have the nub resting on your cheekbone, this noise cancelling technology supposedly kicks in. They’ve also improved the technology that cuts down on wind noise.

The Jawbone Prime will set you back $129, has 4.5 hours of Talk Time, standby time of 8+ days and now includes MultiPoint which will allow you to switch between as many as 8 BlueTooth devices without repairing.